Get Free Kindle with 1-Year Audible Subscription for $129

Audible Free Kindle Deal

Audible is back again with another promotion. This time you can get a free Kindle with the purchase of a 1 year Audible membership.

The one year subscription also comes as at discount so if you like audiobooks and want to get a new Kindle this is a really good deal.

The only downside is it applies to the entry-level $79 Kindle only, not the Paperwhite or higher up models, but the $79 model does have Bluetooth and it does supports audiobooks now.

The way it works is you subscribe to Audible for 1 year at $129.99, then you’ll get a credit of $79.99 to purchase an entry-level Kindle from Amazon.

The offer ends on May 4th and it’s for new customers only.

Audible’s membership plans normally cost $149.50 for 1 year, or $14.95 per month.

Audible is rolling out a number promotions lately to get new subscribers. There’s a separate ongoing deal where you can get two free audiobooks and a $10 gift card for Amazon when signing up for a free two-month trial for Audible.

Free Kindle Audible Deal

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6 Responses to “Get Free Kindle with 1-Year Audible Subscription for $129”

  1. Although it is a good deal ( not down playing that)…if you were already wanting audible and a kindle basic….it would make more sense to give away a Fire with it. But…it looks like they are trying to get rid of inventory.

  2. Until Amazon lets us use its gift cards for audible, I won’t subscribe.

  3. Hopefully this means a 300ppi Basic soon.

    • I’d be happy with a 212ppi basic model at this point. Anything would be better than the low resolution, massively outdated Pearl screen on the current model. I don’t think there’s a single other 6-inch model on the market with such a crummy dark gray screen. The picture above isn’t even slightly accurate. It looks like the Paperwhite, not the basic.

      • The funny thing is that the Kindle basic 4th generation had the clearest whitest background screen and the darkest text of any basic model. Even the Kindle keyboard has a better screen than the current generation basic Kindle. I mean sure with the current software updates you can make the text darker but that only makes the text a lot fuzzier with an already fuzzy 167 PPI. But I agree, even 212 PPI would be great but why not 300 ppi as it wouldn’t be in direct competition with the other kindle models since it’s not screen lit. One can only hope but it definitely is in need of an update both with the resolution and screen. Even the older basic models had better bodies as well. The new models feel cheap.

  4. The basic is awful. Screen is so dark I returned mine