Get 2 Free Audiobooks and $10 Amazon Gift Card with Audible Trial

Audible Trial Deal

If you like listening to audiobooks, Audible has a couple of really good promotions going on right now where you can get 2 free audiobooks and a $10 Amazon gift card for signing up for a free two month Audible trial.

There are two separate promotions with nearly identical stipulations. One offer is for new customers only and the other offer is for returning customers only, so both sides are covered.

The deals run until July 10th so there’s plenty of time left to take advantage of this offer, but it’s valid for US customers only.

The two month free trial comes with 2 credits to exchange for audiobooks, which you get to keep.

After the trial period, membership costs $14.95 per month but you can cancel at any time and not be charged.

According to the terms, they’ll send a code for the $10 Amazon gift card in an email within two weeks after signup.

The first link below for new customers was found via Slickdeals and the deal for returning customers was posted at MobileRead. The first link has a landing page with the offer details but I couldn’t find a landing page for the second offer; it requires signing in at Amazon before showing the promotional deal, which is only valid for returning Audible customers. See the details page for the full list of terms.

Audible Trial DealNew Customers

Audible Trial DealReturning Customers (requires signing in)

6 Responses to “Get 2 Free Audiobooks and $10 Amazon Gift Card with Audible Trial”

  1. It looks like the “returning customer” one comes with only one credit….unless you get the second one on the second month….which i guess would make sense..m because that’s hiw audible works, right? One credit a month?

  2. I tried from Brazil out of not reading ‘US only’ above, and it gave me one credit for U$0.00. Does that mean that it worked for me or am I in the normal category? Thank you.

  3. I also seem to have gotten 1 credit. So in 2 weeks we get a code for $10 but when do we get the 2nd credit? After 1 month? When the 30 day trial expires and we start paying membership? So the “2 credit” deal is a gimmick? We get the 2nd credit only if we don’t cancel the membership? So why not say so.

    • The deal is a 60 day free trial. Audible gives out 1 credit per month; that’s how their plan operates. It’s always a good idea to read the terms before signing up for these types of things.