How to Find Free Prime Reading Eligible Kindle eBooks


Earlier this week Amazon added a new perk for Prime members that grants unlimited access to a rotating selection of Kindle ebooks and other Kindle content for free.

Prime Reading is basically a sampler version of Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s monthly ebook subscription service, as all the available titles are pulled from there.

One difference, however, is that Prime Reading doesn’t grant access to audiobook versions of the books like Kindle Unlimited does.

But Prime members do have access to a rotating list of free audiobooks and Audible channels, another new Prime perk that was just added last month.

I wanted to see what books were available for Prime Reading but sometimes Amazon makes finding things on their website a hassle. For non Prime members, all their Prime Reading links just take you to a page to sign up for Amazon Prime instead of letting you see what books are available.

I finally found the page that lists all the Prime Reading Eligible Kindle Books.

From there you can use the links on the left to sort by short reads, singles, and Kindle ebooks. If you hit the latter link you can then sort by specific genres and categories, and you can also sort by reviews.

So if you have Amazon Prime and you want to find Kindle books that you can borrow for free, that’s the fastest way to do it.

Additionally, if you have a Kindle or a Kindle app all you have to do is open the onboard Kindle store and there’s a link for Prime Reading on the home page. But if you don’t have Prime you can’t see the list of books from an app, at least not with the Android app because it just leads to the Prime signup page like Amazon’s website.

I still haven’t found a way to find Prime eligible magazines, however. If you find the list at Amazon please leave a link in the comments.

Prime Reading Eligible Kindle Books

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  1. There is now a link on the Amazon home page. Click on prime reading, it will take you to listing of books and magazines. There are about 42 magazines listed.