Kindles On Sale Again, Even the Kindle Voyage


Yesterday afternoon Amazon decided to put all of their Kindles on sale except the Kindle Oasis.

It’s been awhile since Amazon has had a sale for non-Prime members but that’s what they are doing this time around.

The sale takes $20 off the regular price of each Kindle. It’s a three-day sale that ends on Thursday.

Kindle – $59
Kindle Paperwhite – $99
Kindle Voyage – $179
Kids Kindle Bundle – $79

It’s good to see the Kindle Voyage getting in on the deal for a change.

They never used to discount it for regular customers, just very rarely for Amazon Prime members.

Unfortunately this sale isn’t as good as the last one that took $30 off the entry-level Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite, and $50 off for the Voyage. But that was a Prime members exclusive deal and Amazon always seems to discount things more for Prime members.

If you are a deal hunter and plan on doing a lot of shopping this month and ordering from Amazon for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, now would be a good time to take advantage of Amazon’s one month Prime membership for $10.99. The Kindles will most certainly go on sale for Prime members again this month for lower prices than the current sale.

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  1. Cool! Thanks for the info!