Sony’s 13.3-inch PDF Reader Discontinued

Sony DPT-S1

It looks like Sony’s specialized PDF reader has reached the end of the line.

It was listed as out-of-stock for several weeks after it went on sale this summer for $200 off the regular price, and now the product page for the Sony DPT-S1 at B&H carries a big red “DISCONTINUED” sign.

The device used to sell from Amazon as well, but new ones have been gone for awhile now and it’s only available used.

That pretty much just leaves the Onyx Boox Max as the only option to purchase when it comes to an ereader with a 13.3-inch E Ink screen.

Hopefully more companies will start to offer larger ereaders to take the Sony DPT-S1’s place. The 10.3-inch Boyue T103 looks like an interesting option but it probably won’t get released anytime soon.

For those hoping that Sony would come out with a second generation model, a DPT-S2, it seems very unlikely at this point. There hasn’t been any news or leaks about a new model and companies generally release a new model before discontinuing an older one.

The ebook industry used to be a lot more interesting when Sony was involved and selling ereaders. Too bad their last remaining E Ink reader has now been discontinued.

7 Responses to “Sony’s 13.3-inch PDF Reader Discontinued”

  1. kinda ain’t surprised….

  2. Amazon had to come in and undercut everyone with their 6″ e-Readers and spoil the whole party. The same way Vizio came in and ousted beautiful Pioneer Plasma TV’s. Oh well…

    • Actually it was B&N that started the ebook reader price war. Amazon and Sony were happy to charge a lot more for their ereaders until the Nook came along. That’s probably the main thing that killed off Sony’s ebook readers because they charged a premium for their nice aluminum ereaders, then they couldn’t compete with the cheaper Nook. They tried with the PRS-T1 but it wasn’t anywhere as nice as Sony’s older ereaders. Amazon found a way to manage the lower prices by offering the ad-supported models. It seems like prices are creeping back up again now that B&N is no longer a factor.

  3. FWIW, there’s this on the horizon.

  4. Too bad. I’d hoped they would add Bluetooth, make it a work/writing device.

  5. Well apparently it’s just because they announced the second generation of the product, DPT-RP1. The party is still strong and going.