Amazon Should Release a Kindle eBook Reader Projector Device


Today I had a crazy idea. Imagine if you had an ebook reader with a built-in projector capable of displaying ebooks, magazines, and newspapers in a much larger scale.

You could set it up to display a giant 4 foot page on the side of a wall. It could be beneficial for people with vision problems or other disabilities.

Or you could lay in bed and be able to read a book hands free, with the words being projected on the wall next to your bed or on the ceiling.

Pair it with a wireless remote clicker or foot switch and a person wouldn’t even have to hold a device to read.

Okay so it’s not the most original idea but an ebook reader projector could be useful for some, and it would be cheap to make.

What got me thinking about this was Lenovo just released a 2nd generation Yoga Tab 3 Pro tablet that includes a built-in projector.

Of course it’s mostly designed for displaying things like videos and pictures (hence the picture at the top of this post) but what if something like that were to be optimized for displaying ebooks?

Just think, a Kindle projection reader could come in handy sometimes…

8 Responses to “Amazon Should Release a Kindle eBook Reader Projector Device”

  1. Why not just use the Yoga tablet and install the kindle app… or use the web access. Problem solved.

  2. Seems like a great idea, but then so did my combo TV/microwave oven back in the 80’s and look how far that got…

  3. Why not use the android Chromecast app on your Kindle and cast it to whatever TV is available? It would also project to PC enabled projectors etc?

  4. Could be useful for teaching others to read, bedtime stories, classrooms with students who cannot amor books, etc.

    Great for protecting ghost stories on the side of a tent, too!

  5. It was already dreamed up by asimov in his robots trilogy. In his books it is a device you can use to read words off your ceiling. It even automatically scrolled.