Kindle Trade-In Deal: Get $20 Bonus Credit off New Kindle


Amazon has another Kindle trade-in deal ongoing through 2017 where you can get an extra $20 off the purchase of a new Kindle by trading in an old one.

Plus you get the credit value for the trade-in so you could use that to get as much as $75 off a new Kindle.

Some models have a greater trade-in value than others.

The Kindle Paperwhite 2, the 6th gen, has the highest trade-in value at $50 for the Wi-Fi model and $55 for the 3G version.

Even if your Kindle is broken you can still get $5 for it, plus the $20 bonus credit if you want a new Kindle.

The “new” Kindle stipulation applies to all the current models, even the Kindle Oasis and Kindle Voyage, so that’s one way to get a discount on the more expensive models.

Some of the older models like the Kindle DX only have a trade-in value of $5 even if it’s working so that’s not very reasonable. But one model, the Kindle 5, has a greater trade-in value ($30) than it was selling for from Woot earlier this month ($25).

Here’s the link to the Kindle Trade-in Page at Amazon with all the details and fine print.

4 Responses to “Kindle Trade-In Deal: Get $20 Bonus Credit off New Kindle”

  1. I just keep all mine….

  2. On another subject.. I received this email today with out a explanation to the why Amazon is closing WriteOn:

    “Dear friends,
    While we have been proud over the last few years to have brought together such a vibrant, active, and creative community, unfortunately we will be closing Write On’s doors on March 22. After this date, access to Write On will be unavailable.

    Your account will not be affected by the closure of Write On. If you don’t have any content you wish to save, no further action is required on your part.

    If you do have content you wish to save, we encourage you to download your posted and drafted stories by March 22. Here’s how:
    Log in and visit your My Stuff page
    Click “Resume Writing” for the story you wish to save
    Click the “More Actions” menu on the top-right (directly below the “Post Update” button)
    Click “Download Story With Comments”
    All story comments will be automatically appended to the end of the file downloaded. Please note that profile and forum comments are not included in this file. If you wish to save those, you will need to manually copy and paste the text into a file of your own.
    Thank you for putting your work out there and for spending these years with us. It’s been a pleasure.
    -The Write On by Kindle team”

    Nathan do you have any idea why?

    • It’s hard to tell but it sounds like they probably weren’t generating enough revenue to keep it going when reading between the lines of a response from a rep:

      “One of our goals is to constantly be innovating on behalf of readers and authors, so we’re always trying out new things. Write On is one such experiment, and, unfortunately, we were not able to grow it in the way that we had wished. It was a tough decision, but it’s for that reason we have decided to stop offering the service.”

  3. Thanks Nathan… I read through the comments there and many writers were kinda upset… I guess if they don’t make much money they abandon it and leave folks without an alternative…