New Onyx Boox N96CML Released with Frontlight and Capacitive Touch

Onyx Boox N96CML

Onyx recently released a new version of the 9.7-inch Onyx Boox N96 ereader, a popular model for larger content like PDFs.

The new model is the Onyx Boox N96CML. It’s the third variation of the N96 that was first released last spring.

The main difference with the N96CML is that it has the combination of a frontlight and capacitive touchscreen.

By contrast the N96ML has a frontlight and stylus support, and the regular N96 has no frontlight but it supports both hand and stylus touch.

Another difference with the N96CML is that it has a black back instead of gold (actually they call it blue but it looks black to me). All the other features and specs appear to be the exact same as the other N96 models.

The N96CML runs Android 4.0 and can install apps. It has a 9.7-inch E Ink screen with a resolution of 1200 x 825. It comes with 16GB of internal storage space and there’s a microSD card slot for expansion.

The N96CML also supports audio files and it has a speaker built-in along with a headphone jack and Bluetooth. There’s also a microphone for recording audio.

Onyx Boox N96CML

8 Responses to “New Onyx Boox N96CML Released with Frontlight and Capacitive Touch”

  1. Question…
    What do you know about Bang Good .com
    besides its catchy name 😉

    • What’s to know? They’re a wholesale website based out of China. They are one of the few places that sells Onyx ereaders internationally.

      • I was just wondering because I’ve seen Bang Good a lot on your site… now I know why, thanks. Just never trusted them Chinese wholesale sites after a family member got burned very badly by one. I read through their “About”, but still was worried if it was a legitimate site or not….

        • Your money and your peaceful thoughts will be blown away if you decide to purchase something from Chinese based websites.Trust me,don’t spend more than $20,if you don’t like to taste excitement mixed with anxiety!

  2. How well does it work with the Kindle App?

    • If it’s anything like all Android ereaders, not well. I always advise people to get a Kindle for Kindle books because the Android app doesn’t work well on E Ink. It’s usable but just barely.

  3. I’m confused with the product details on bang goods:
    In the table comparing the N96/ML/CML, it says the N96CML has only hand touch. But further below, it says: “New 9.7 inch E-ink reader, built-in electromagnetic pen touch and front light”.

    I’m looking for an ereader with hand and pen touch support that also has a front- or backlit display, if anyone has a suggestion 🙂

    • Their descriptions are notoriously inaccurate, which isn’t surprising when dealing with translations. It’s just copy and pasted from the other description. Currently there aren’t any E Ink ereaders with a combination of those three features.