Big Kindle Sale for Prime Members – Up to $50 Off Kindles

Kindle Paperwhite Sale

Amazon is having a big sale on Kindle ereaders exclusively for Amazon Prime members. It’s the same kind of sale they had around the holidays and black Friday.

If you don’t have Prime and don’t want to get left out of the deal there’s always the option to get 1 month of Prime for $10.99.

The prices are $10 lower than typical sales for non-Prime members so it works out about the same either way.

Prime members can get $30 off the price of the entry-level Kindle as well as the Kindle Paperwhite.

The Kindle Voyage is on sale as well for Prime members. It’s $50 off the regular price.

Unfortunately the Kindle Oasis isn’t in on the deal; Amazon never puts it on sale for some reason.

Kindle sales links:

Kindle – $49

Kindle for Kids Bundle – $69

Kindle Paperwhite – $89

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials – $129

Kindle Voyage – $149

9 Responses to “Big Kindle Sale for Prime Members – Up to $50 Off Kindles”

  1. Getting rid of old inventory to make way for new models perhaps? What could they possibly do to add their kindle lineup? Aside from going bigger of course.

    • I think they could reasonably add buttons to the PW…and that be the only update….that would keep it a lower tier device.

  2. Making way for a larger Kindle screen? 😉

  3. A model with a larger screen would be nice.

    If someone could produce a reasonably prices e-reader for PDFs that would be awesome.

  4. Since it’s in all in vain to long for a reader with larger screen from Amazon I’m betting on a faster one.

  5. Or maybe it’s nothing more than a defensive reaction to the recent iPad announcement?

  6. It’s just a sale. They run them often. I’m certain it has nothing whatsoever to do with a cheaper iPad.

  7. I took the sale as an opportunity to purchase another Voyage (sold my last one eBay when purchasing the Oasis) since I never got use to the lower contrast of the Oasis screen… :-/