Amazon Adds New Kindle Travel Bundles to Kindle Lineup

Kindle Travel Bundles

Amazon has some new listings up on their website for Kindle Travel Bundles that come with a premium leather cover, a power adapter, and a travel bag.

The Kindle Travel Bundles are available for the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Voyage, and the Kindle Oasis.

They are currently up for pre-order and officially get released in a couple days on May 15th.

There are four versions of each bundle to accommodate for travel bags that come in four different colors, including black, maroon, brown, and khaki.

With a twist of marketing they are calling the travel bag free, and it has a value of $69.

The price of the bundle includes the Kindle, the premium leather cover, and the power adapter so technically the bag is free, but the values are a bit inflated.

This isn’t the first time that Amazon has experimented with Kindle bundles. They also sell Kindle Essentials bundles that come with a regular cover and power adapter. There’s also the Kids bundles for the entry-level model, and the Kindle Paperwhite audio adapter bundle.

The Kindle Oasis is the best deal of the bunch because it already comes with a premium cover so the bundle is only $20 more than the regular price.

Here are the links to the new bundle pages; so far there doesn’t appear to be a page to purchase the travel bag separately:

Kindle Paperwhite Travel Bundle

Kindle Voyage Travel Bundle

Kindle Oasis Travel Bundle

12 Responses to “Amazon Adds New Kindle Travel Bundles to Kindle Lineup”

  1. I’m all over this one! Not…

  2. I was so excited I almost peed myself 😀

  3. I hope this means they’re trying to get rid of inventory to make room for something new.

  4. Who’s gonna walk around with a Kindle Travel Bag?

  5. The proper thing would have been to release a new Kindle for Mother’s Day with the premium bundle. This is just another marketing scam to sell old products, especially since you can’t purchase the bag separately. I mean not that you would need a bag for a 6″ kindle. Customers haven’t needed one since the Kindle inception 10 years ago, what makes Amazon think that all of a sudden people would need a bag for such a small device?
    Oh let me guess, that must have been the biggest request from all the polls and surveys Amazon sends out to customers, yeah that’s it! Amazon finally listening to its customers and giving them what they truly want. A freaking bag! Way to go Amazon!

  6. I have to admit the bag is a tad more stylish than my zip-loc, but mine is more water resistant…

  7. Isn’t the purpose of the the small Kindle size is so you don’t NEED a “travel bag”??

    Meanwhile, there’s still no mention of any separately-available Oasis cover other than black on their site. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the FirePhone telling the Oasis to walk towards the light.

    The Oasis — at least V.1 — is about to get whacked.

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  9. I have a first gen Fire that won’t charge and a paperwhite that won’t come on…. I would trade them in for a new paperwhite, but how do I reset them to remove my personal account info?