Oaxis InkCase with 5.2″ E Ink Screen for iPhone 7 Plus

Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus

Oaxis has launched a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a new InkCase that fits the iPhone 7 Plus.

Oaxis sells a number of different products, including several smartphone cases with E Ink screens built into the back.

Their latest new InkCase for the iPhone 7 Plus features a sizeable 5.2-inch E Ink screen.

It uses Carta technology and it has a resolution of 540 x 960 (that’s 217 ppi).

A 5.2-inch E Ink screen sounds pretty large but it’s still quite a bit smaller than a 6-inch Kindle because the screen ratio makes it seem a lot narrower.

The case has Bluetooth to connect to the iPhone through an app. The case is also waterproof and shock resistant. Battery life is estimated at up to 5 days with the built-in battery for the E Ink screen.

The InkCase i7 Plus is expected to start shipping in July. Pledges start at $123 plus shipping on Kickstarter.

The $69 pledge for the InkCase IVY for iPhone 7 makes no sense. First off, shipping costs extra and the delivery estimate isn’t until August. Second, they’re selling them right now on Amazon for $49 with free shipping.

The InkCase IVY has tiny E Ink screen though so it wouldn’t be useful for reading.

The video below is a review of the InkCase i7 for the regular iPhone 7, not the Plus version, but it’ll give you the gist of how it works.

InkCase i7 Plus

Oaxis InkCase i7 Review

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  1. Instead of one, now you have 2 screens to take care of 😛