List of Amazon Prime’s Kindle Related Benefits

Prime Reading

Amazon Prime first started out as a way to get free 2-day shipping on products sold by Amazon, but over the years they’ve continued to add new benefits to the service, such as video and music streaming.

It’s gotten to the point now where there are so many things that it can be easy to not notice of forget some of the benefits.

There are a few perks specifically related to Kindle books.

One thing I often forget about is Kindle First, where you can get a new early release title for free each month.

The cool thing with Kindle First is you actually get to keep the ebook instead of having to give it back like with the other lending services.

If you have Amazon Prime don’t forget to take advantage of these Kindle perks!

Amazon Prime Kindle Benefits

Prime Reading – Not long ago, Amazon added Prime Reading to the list of benefits for Prime members. It grants unlimited access to a library of about 1,000 books, magazines and comics, and it includes some audiobooks as well. Basically it’s about 1% percent of the Kindle Unlimited catalog but you can read as much as you want.

Kindle First – Kindle First is a program where Prime members can get one ebook for free per month from a list of editors’ picks. Plus you get the ebook a full month before the book’s official release date.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library – This benefit is a bit different in that it requires both an Amazon Prime membership and you have to own a Kindle ereader, a Fire tablet, or a Fire phone. With those two stipulations fulfilled, you can borrow one book per month from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. It’s a much larger library than Prime Reading with over a million titles available to choose from, but you only get one per month.

Washington Post – Not Kindle related exactly, but reading related. For a limited time, Prime members can get digital access to The Washington Post free for six months.

Audible Channels – Okay so it’s not Kindle related exactly, but there’s a fair amount of crossover when it comes to ebooks and audiobooks. Audible Channels are another newer perk for Prime members. You get access to some free Audible content, including some Prime exclusive audiobooks.

5 Responses to “List of Amazon Prime’s Kindle Related Benefits”

  1. The Washington Post is on my two Fire Tabs. I didn’t ask for it and it has been there for a while now updating… I never use, never even opened it and Amazon better not start charging me for it. Maybe I better uninstall the dang thing.

  2. The clock on your W.Post free trial doesn’t start ticking until the first time you open the app.

    Also, a couple years ago when I gave it a try, Amazon was really, really good about sending me the reminders to opt-in. Surprised me, in fact. I’m used to shady opt-out’s to go along with any free-trials.

    • Yeah Allan, that’s what I am worried about because I too have been ripped off in the past by opt-out’s and free trials. I still think I’ll uninstall it anyways.
      I try not to listen or view the news lately… too much drama for me.

  3. Not sure what’s up with the WP app but, AFAIK, I never opened it on my Fire until today, when it wished me happiness for the last 6 months of using it and … please give them $1 to continue.

    The world’s 2nd richest man likely doesn’t need my dollar to keep that joint open but it’s probably a better use of my resources than the suddenly-Right-Wing NPR (what’s up with that, anyway?) so I said nyet, Comrades to NPR and hello WashPo.

    The moral of this story, though, is that the free trial won’t turn into a paid subscription without your permission. I suppose there’s also a moral buried in here about supporting a free press in the age of the Mango Maniac but you probably already knew the importance of that.

  4. i don’t know, if you use prime to store your photos and stop prime now you are on the hook for storage.

    time for me to read npr. i’ve had enough of fake news.