80% Off Select Kindle eTextbooks Today Only (August 17)

Kindle eTextbook Deals

There’s a big sale on digital textbooks today for one of Amazon’s main Deals of the Day.

The Kindle eTextbooks are up to 80% off, and the deal includes nearly 150 titles so it’s bigger than a typical sale.

Note that a Kindle isn’t required to read Kindle textbooks; you can use a Kindle app or Kindle desktop program as well.

This is a 1-day only sale for August 17th.

It’s funny how the banner says eTextbook deals for $1.99 and up when several are selling for $0.99.

I cross-checked some of the prices with Kobo and the savings are signifigant, so it you need to buy some eTextbooks now is a good time.

Several textbooks are over $20-30 cheaper right now. I found one book that’s selling for $104.99 at Kobo and it’s only $17.99 at Amazon.

Kobo has their price-match guarantee if you’d rather buy from them but you have to pay full price and then get a store credit for the difference.

Kindle eTextbooks Sale

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