List of Kindle Trade-In Values by Model – Is Trading Worth It?

Kindle Trade-in Program

Amazon has been advertising their Kindle trade-in program again lately that includes a $20 bonus credit toward the purchase of a new Kindle.

It’s a promotion that’s been ongoing all year so it’s not anything new, but looking at some of the trade-in values some are so low it’s hardly worth the trouble of trading them in.

For instance, if your Kindle doesn’t work right or it has a cracked screen you can only get $5 for it, even if it’s the 3G Kindle Oasis without ads that sells for $379.

That brings up another interesting detail. If you paid and extra $70 for a Kindle with 3G wireless, that doesn’t add one single dollar to the trade-in value.

Another point to note is that all Kindle Paperwhites have the same trade-in value. If you buy a brand new Kindle Paperwhite 3 today its trade-in value is the exact same as a Paperwhite 1 that was released 5 years ago.

All Kindle Paperwhite models have a trade-in value of $35. Add the $20 bonus credit to that and $55 for a Paperwhite 1 seems pretty good considering new ones frequently go on sale for $99.

Some of the trade-in values make no logical sense. Like the original Kindle Touch is only worth $10 and yet the same generation non-touch model is worth twice as much.

Below is the list of current Kindle trade-in values for devices in good working condition without a cracked screen. If it has a cracked screen or other problem then it’s only worth $5, but it’s still an easy way to unload a broken Kindle to get $25 off a new one.

Kindle Trade-in Values

Kindle Keyboard (3rd Gen) – $10

Kindle Touch (4th Gen) – $10

Kindle (4th Gen) – $20

Kindle (5th Gen) – $20

Kindle (7th Gen) – $20

Kindle (8th Gen) – $20

Kindle Paperwhite (All Versions) – $35

Kindle Voyage (7th Gen) – $65

Kindle Oasis (8th Gen) – $100

Kindle Trade-in

9 Responses to “List of Kindle Trade-In Values by Model – Is Trading Worth It?”

  1. NOPE… sell it on eBay. You can get around $20 or more for a Kindle Keyboard (3rd Gen)
    I’ll hold on to my 2nd Gen with a good battery and 3G that still works… I just checked and downloaded an ebook to it using 3G.

    • Yeah but once you add shipping, eBay and PayPal fees, and the time it takes to create the listing, take pictures, package it up, print a shipping label and drop it off at the post office you’re better off just giving it away and spending that time doing something fun. 😀

      • Amazon trade-ins are an absolute ripof, while the process is extremely slow amd archaic all the while they are absolutely anal picky about devices. It’s Better to sell it on offer-up locally or as mentioned I’ve had good luck selling it on eBay without too much hassle. Time is gonna fly anyway might as well de-clutter and make some money doing it.

        • I’ve had good experiences with Amazon trade-ins in the past. One time they even upgraded the condition so I got more money than expected. It just depends on what you’re trading in and how much of a hassle you want to deal with. To me anything’s better than dealing with flakey Craigslist weirdos. I’ve had pretty good luck with eBay but selling single items under about $40 isn’t worth the time and trouble after paying for shipping and other fees.

      • Giving it away is also another option as you said… usually that’s what I do… never sold anything on eBay or Craigslist… bought a lot of stuff there though 😉

  2. I was going through my library on my Oasis today and a Kindle Solstice user guide showed up in my list of books. Could this be an accidental leak of the name of a new Kindle to be released? I opened it and it says welcome to your new Kindle Placeholder. I think this might be a version of the manual before the device was named.

    • No, that’s nothing new. Others have noticed the reference to Solstice dating back to last year. They use placeholders and codenames and apparently forget to edit them out sometimes.

  3. Is there a way to attach photos to the comments?

  4. I sold mine on got cash Amazon gives you a gift card