Kindles on Sale for Prime Members – Up to $50 Off

Kindle Prime Sale

Once again Amazon has their entire lineup of Kindle ereaders on sale exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

The deal takes $30-$50 off the regular prices. The entry-level Kindle can be had for $49, the Kindle Paperwhite is $89, the Kindle Voyage is $169—all $30 off.

The Kindle Oasis is $50 off but they only have 3G models in stock so it’s $309 instead of $359.

They must have forgot that they took $50 off the Voyage in past Prime exclusive deals. But you can still get a refurbished Kindle Voyage for $149, no Prime required.

For those that don’t have Amazon Prime you can get 1 month of Prime for $10.99 if you don’t want to get left out of the deals.

The discounts show up at checkout.

Kindle sales links:

Kindle – $49 ($30 off)

Kindle for Kids Bundle – $69 ($30 off)

Kindle Paperwhite – $89 ($30 off)

Kindle Voyage – $169 ($30 off)

Kindle Oasis 3G – $309 ($50 off)

10 Responses to “Kindles on Sale for Prime Members – Up to $50 Off”

  1. I hope this is a prelude to a waterproof, larger Kindle for the 10th anniversary, otherwise I plan on buying a Kobo Aura One. I hope they release info about a new model before I go on vacation in a month because I’m sick of Amazon’s treatment of the Kindle product line the past three years (basically same Paperwhite over that time, Voyage almost getting there but not waterproof, Oasis a ridiculously overpriced piece of garbage).

    Was about to (today) buy a Kobo because of Amazon’s complete disregard towards innovation on the Kindle product line, but then I saw this sale and I’m thinking this might be Amazon clearing out its inventory as much as possible before a new product line launch.

    I know everyone has their own desires from a new e-reader: some want audio, some want color… Amazon has the power to meet most of those at a reasonable cost because they are a huge company. Their move (or lack thereof) on the next generation Kindle will dictate whether I jump ship for Kobo or not.

    Innovate, Amazon… don’t fall victim to “resting on your laurels” like many companies have in the past…

    • This got me thinking wouldn’t it be cool if Amazon went all out for the Kindle’s 10th anniversary and released a whole new line of Kindles? We’ve all been hoping for a new Kindle but a total refresh of the entire line would be even better, along with the addition of a larger model.

      • It appears Nathan has gotten a bit of hope back for a new Kindle this year! 🙂

        10th birthday, big indie author push, big sale now to clear old stock, and there’s still that report from E-ink about a big display purchase from Amazon. Good fuel for speculation, at least.

        • Some hope has returned but it’s still hard to forget what happened last year, the first fall without a new Kindle since 2009, and how they totally blew it with the Kindle Oasis. It’s a nice ereader and all but $300 for another 6-inch Kindle is just insane, and then they don’t even make it waterproof and don’t put a light sensor on it like on the Voyage. Nothing about the Oasis made any logical sense whatsoever. It just made it seem like they were completely out of touch with what people want from an ereader and were just looking for a way to charge as much as possible. Before then I was really optimistic about a new larger screen Kindle but then there was an interview on YouTube with one of the Kindle execs talking about the Oasis and he made if very clear one of their main priorities is making Kindles smaller and lighter moving forward. I’m still scarred by that. 🙂

          • The interview that I have seen on YouTube, with Len Edgerly interviewing Kindle Executives, talks about ” thinnest and lightest” not smaller and lighter…so there may still be hope!The Oasis has been having stock issues for weeks.

  2. And i still want a basic Kindle at 300ppi without front light!

  3. Hugs her old, waterproof, BIG, Kobo with the very cool reddish night light and an ambient light sensor. wups almost forgot about infinity font sizes ;p

    • It’s kind of interesting though. The Aura One has been out for over a year now and Kobo hasn’t put it on sale once. Two completely different philosophies all around.

  4. Hi,
    Is this offer still valid ?