10 Free Kindle Books and Kindle Covers Deal

Here’s another roundup of 10 free Kindle ebooks.

Amazon also has a sale on select Kindle covers, taking 20% off the regular prices.

Please note that the free Kindle books listed below are free as of January 31st, 2018. Most of these titles are free for a limited time only and will expire in a few days before going back to the regular list price.

A good place to find more free Kindle books is on the free bestsellers list at Amazon.

You don’t need to own a Kindle ebook reader or a Fire tablet to read these free ebooks; you can use a free Kindle reading app for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices, or use a computer or web browser.

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10 Free Kindle eBooks

Fear Has a Name (The Crittendon Files Book 1) by Creston Mapes

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.7 stars, 264 reviews

Many years ago we experienced a home break-in while my wife was at home with our first baby. The man entered the house violently. My wife was forced to grab the baby and run next door to a neighbor’s house. Years later, I had a dream about a man loitering around the front door of a family’s home, ready to break-in. I woke up and wrote down everything about that man. He is Granger Meade, the antagonist in Fear Has a Name. One of the interesting things about Granger is that he was unwanted by his parents and bullied as a youth.

The Chalky Sea by Clare Flynn

Literature & Fiction, 4.5 stars, 51 reviews

Two troubled people struggle to find their way in a turbulent world. In July 1940, Gwen Collingwood drops her husband at the railway station, knowing she may never see him again. Two days later her humdrum world is torn apart when the sleepy English seaside town where she lives is subjected to the first of many heavy bombing attacks. In Ontario, Canada, Jim Armstrong is debating whether to volunteer. His decision becomes clear when he uncovers the secret his fiancée has been keeping from him. A few weeks later he is on a ship bound for England…

Lucky Double: A Two-Book Lucky Bundle by Deborah Coonts

Mystery/Comedy, 4.5 stars, 252 reviews

For Lucky O’Toole it’s murder…solving it. Surviving in Sin City takes cunning, a pair of five-inch heel, and a wiseass attitude. Lucky has mastered them all and has a pair of legs she uses to kick butt and turn heads. As the Chief Problem Solver for the Babylon, Las Vegas’s most over-the-top destination, mischief is in her job description. She’s good at her job. She’s less good at life. But who has time for a life when there’s a killer on the lose?

The Senator: A Blake Jordan Thriller by Ken Fite

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.6 stars, 1086 reviews

On the evening that Senator James Keller is set to receive his party’s nomination for President of the United States, a kidnapper initiates a plan to stream his execution for the world to see. Ex-Navy SEAL and federal agent Blake Jordan sets out to rescue his friend and mentor along with his partner, Jami Davis. Can Blake stop the kidnapper before it’s too late? In this action-packed debut novel, Ken Fite has written a roller-coaster of a thriller sure to keep you turning the pages late into the night

Wicked Favor (The Wicked Horse Vegas Book 1) by Sawyer Bennett

Romance, 4.7 stars, 242 reviews

As the owner of The Wicked Horse, an elite sex club located along the Vegas Strip, Jerico Jameson never spends the night alone. Gorgeous, ripped, and totally alpha, Jerico doesn’t grant favors and will rarely give you the time of day—unless he wants you in his bed. So when the sister of his sworn enemy shows up asking for help, saying no should be easy. But when Jerico takes one look at her and sees an opportunity to help this beautiful woman while exacting revenge on her brother, he’s not about to pass that up…

Something in the Way (Something in the Way Series Book 1) by Jessica Hawkins

Romance, 4.6 stars, 444 reviews

It was a hot summer day when I met him on the construction site next to my parents’ house. Under the sweat and dirt, Manning Sutter was as handsome as the sun was bright. He was older, darker, experienced. I wore a smiley-face t-shirt and had never even been kissed. Yet we saw something in each other that would link us in ways that couldn’t be broken…no matter how hard we tried…

Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case by Kristen Painter

Mystery, 4.8 stars, 325 reviews

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. Jayne Frost is a lot of things. Winter elf, Jack Frost’s daughter, Santa Claus’s niece, heir to the Winter Throne and now…private investigator. Sort of. Needing someone he can trust, her father sends her undercover to Nocturne Falls to find out why employees at the Santa’s Workshop toy store are going missing. Doing that requires getting to know the town, which leads to interesting encounters with a sexy vampire, an old flame, and an elevator that’s strictly off-limits. The more Jayne finds out, the more questions she has, but the answers lead her deeper into danger. Will her magic save her? Or will she come up cold?

A Trace of Death (A Keri Locke Mystery–Book #1) by Blake Pierce

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.5 stars, 303 reviews

Keri Locke, Missing Persons Detective in the Homicide division of the LAPD, remains haunted by the abduction of her own daughter, years before, never found. Still obsessed with finding her, Keri buries her grief the only way she knows how: by throwing herself into the cases of missing persons in Los Angeles. A routine phone call from a worried mother of a high-schooler, only two hours missing, should be ignored. Yet something about the mother’s voice strikes a chord, and Keri decides to investigate…

Hell’s Children: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller by John L. Monk

Science Fiction, 4.5 stars, 245 reviews

It happened in a year: starvation, gangs of kids with guns, and every adult in the world dead from the Sickness. Houses are now mausoleums. Civilization lies in the hands of children who’ve never had to feed themselves or survive a winter without gas or electricity. Most will die. Others — a bare few — will tread a different path. Fourteen-year-old Jack Ferris is a survivor — because his parents raised him that way. Leveraging qualities rare for his age, he must lead his desperate companions to a secret refuge. Too late, he learns that safety is a mirage, and that the high price of hope is paid in blood.

The Fixer, Season 1: Complete by Rex Carpenter

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.6 stars, 85 reviews

JC Bannister is a killer.
He’s killed for his country.
He’s killed for money.
But now he’s being asked to cross lines he never imagined.
Killing a friend, a powerful US Senator. For money.
A lot of money.
Bannister has done a lot of questionable things for dubious reasons. Now, double-crossed and on the run, he needs to figure out what the right thing is and get it done.
If he gets it wrong, he and his team could wind up in jail permanently.
Or cut down by their unseen enemy.
Or, worse yet?
Branded as traitors and pursued by every law enforcement agency in the United States of America.

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