32GB Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model $89 at Woot (Ended)

Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model

Today only Woot has the Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model on sale for $89.

It has 32GB of internal storage space instead of the usual 4GB like on the regular Kindle Paperwhite.

They are selling them as refurbished and they’re available in both black and white models.

It’s the Wi-Fi with Special Offers (ads) version but you can pay $20 to remove the ads after registering it if you want.

Aside from the extra storage space, the Manga Model is the same as the regular Kindle Paperwhite. It has a 6-inch 300 ppi E Ink Carta screen and a frontlight.

The Manga Model is normally only sold in Japan so this deal presents a unique opportunity to get the “Manga Model” in the US (actually they’re also available on eBay but for a pricey $179 from Japan).

These Kindle Woot deals usually sellout pretty fast; it probably won’t last until the end of the day.

Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model

5 Responses to “32GB Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model $89 at Woot (Ended)”

  1. They are sold out.

  2. Whats up Nate, quick question…
    Do you think the new PW4 will come out for mothers day, after all it marks the 3 year anniversary since the PW3. And if so, what do you expect it to bring without undercutting the Voyage or new Oasis? Or do you believe there will be a new Voyage instead? Interested in your opinion. Thanks.

    • Mother’s day doesn’t really have any correlation with Kindle releases. The 1st Oasis was released a couple weeks before Mother’s day two years ago but I don’t recall them marketing it for the occasion any more than usual, and it was on backorder for several weeks after its release. The PW3 was released on June 30th so it was a month and a half later. I really have no idea what Amazon’s next move will be at this point. They’ve been more unpredictable the past couple years. Either way they have to do something with the Voyage. It’ll be 4 years old this fall and that’s ancient for these type of devices. I think they should probably combine the Voyage and Paperwhite into a single device. Just make the Paperwhite higher quality and add some buttons and an adjustable frontlight color and Bluetooth for audio and most people will be happy. They really should release a new entry-level model too. The screen on that thing is embarrassing and should’ve been phased out 5 years ago.

  3. Thanks for your input. Combining both models makes sense but that would raise prices since it would be considered a premium 6″ device leaving a void in the $119 range. Unless as you say they add certain features, I believe most would rather just stick with the PW3.
    I believe the PW3 stays the same since it still sells well and both the Voyage and basic Kindle get an update.
    The Voyage would most likely take cues from the Oasis except as a smaller version while maintaining its plastic design and im hoping the basic gets a 300ppi screen.

    • They could make a premium Paperwhite without increasing the price. Other brands of ereaders are cheaper by comparison when you consider the extra $20 it costs to remove ads on Kindles. The Nook Glowlight Plus was waterproof, it had a flush glass screen, 300 ppi and a metal back for a premium design and it sold for $10 less than the Paperwhite without ads. The current Nook has a more basic design but it adds page buttons, adjustable frontlight color and more storage space for $20 less than the Paperwhite. Amazon could do a lot better at the $139 price point if they really wanted to.