List of Amazon Retail Locations to Test Kindles in Stores

Amazon Books

If you want to test drive a Kindle or other Amazon device in person before buying, like if you’re trying to decide which Kindle model to choose, there are a growing number of Amazon pop-up stores and Amazon Books shops across the US.

They’ve got pop-up stores in shopping malls, at Whole Foods, and some Kohl’s stores. Here’s the current list of where to find Amazon Pop-up Stores by state, and here’s the list of Amazon Books locations.

Both stock Kindles and other Amazon devices in stores, and they have employees on hand to answer questions.

You can also go there to get free customer assistance on Amazon devices that you already own if you’re having a problem with something or want to know more about one of Amazon’s services, like Kindle Unlimited.

Some of the retail stores offer Kindle trade-ins if you want to trade your old Kindle to get a discount on a newer model.

The locations that accept Kindle trade-ins have an asterisk next to their names on the pop-up stores list.

Best Buy and Staples are two major retailers that also carry Amazon’s devices, but their staff’s knowledge of the products and the selection can be hit or miss.

6 Responses to “List of Amazon Retail Locations to Test Kindles in Stores”

  1. I stopped in the new Georgetown location about a week ago and checked out the Champagne Oasis. I like the store …and ability to see all of Amazon’s devices.

  2. How’s it going Nathan, I have a question off topic. I subscribe to Kindle daily deals and periodically check the monthly deals where you can get Kindle books for $3.99 or less. However I’ve noticed that a lot of Kindle books go on sale without them being listed under these specific promotions. For example, I’m a huge Ronert Greene fan and I’ve noticed that today his book the 50th law is on sale for $1.99. This is great because his Kindle books are extremely pricey ranging between $18 and $20 but I can’t seem to find that deal in any promotion. For example, it’s not listed under the daily deals nor in the monthly deals, nor in recommended price drops. So unless you’re actively looking for that book you would’ve never known it was on sale.
    Now the question is is there a specific webpage where we can get all of the deals on a daily basis? From what I’ve noticed the daily deals don’t give you all of the deals that are on special that day. Sorry for the lengthy post, thank you.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed the same kind of thing before too. The daily deals page often doesn’t list all the available deals. It’s not just Kindle-related items either, it’s all kinds of things. I don’t know of anywhere that tracks all Kindle book deals accurately. Sometimes I think they’re just price matching somewhere else so it doesn’t show up as a sale item.

    • On a tangent, if there are particular books you are watching ereaderiq dot com is an excellent resource. You can view the history of a book to see how frequently it goes on sale, how its current price compares, and you can set notification alerts to be told when a book hits a particular price or percentage price drop.

  3. got it, thanks for the input. It would be nice if there was a site or an app that properly tracked all sale items including e-books appropriately. I’d pay money for that..