New Jezetek eBook Readers, Includes First Frontlit 10.3-inch Model (Video)

Jezetek P10C

I came across a video on YouTube showing some new ereaders from a company called Jezetek.

I’ve never seen the brand being sold anywhere, not even on Chinese wholesale websites like Banggood, so they might only be sold in China and a few other countries but they’re somewhat similar to the Boyue ereaders so maybe these new ones will show up for sale somewhere eventually, perhaps under a different name.

There’s the 7.8-inch P78C with adjustable frontlight color and a capacitive touchscreen.

Apparently it’s going to support stylus writing as well so that would make it different from the other 7.8-inch models.

There’s also a 10.3-inch P10C model with 8GB of internal storage space and 1GB of RAM, same as the P78C. The cool thing about this model is it’s the first 10.3-inch ereader shown with a frontlight, and the lighting actually looks nice and even on the large screen (shown in the picture above). None of the other current 10.3-inch models have that as an option so that would make it unique.

Jezetek has a new 13.3-inch model too, the P133A.

The software on the new Jezetek ereaders is based on Android 4.4.2, but it looks like it’s still a major work in progress, especially when it comes to the hand writing features. The P78C and P10C both have iMX6 processors, but the P133A has the new iMX7 processor.

New Jezetek E Ink eReaders

13 Responses to “New Jezetek eBook Readers, Includes First Frontlit 10.3-inch Model (Video)”

  1. The Onyx kind of changed the game with having Android 6 on their latest ereader.
    Having Android 4 is less impressive now.

  2. when new Onyx e-readers are going to be in the market?

  3. It’s like: Boyue likebook note T103. Not yet on sale at banggood. Onix boox nota. Web: I find it on sale at:
    It’s interesting the different devices 10,3. Do you have a comparison?. I hope this year will be able at banggood.

    • No comparisons yet since the Onyx is the only one that has been released so far but even it’s not available right now. I’ll get one to review once they show up at Amazon. By the time Boyue ever gets around to releasing the T103 it will already be severely outdated compared to the Onyx Note. 🙁

  4. I wonder why none of the high profile manufacturers tend to make a perfect tablet with e-ink display?!

    • They’re all too scared of a little hard work; it takes a lot of time to refine software on E Ink. Remarkable says they’ve sold over 50,000 units so they’ve proven there’s a market for larger E Ink devices.

  5. I learn something about Android 6.o vs 4.2:
    in order to connect Max2 or Note to an Apple PC and to Browse and transfer files between your Mac computer and your Android device you need to use this app :
    Android devices with version higher than 6 cannot be connected as external USB drive anymore, since Android 6 uses MTP now.

  6. Video says (and shows) no palm rejection tech while writing. Pretty significant stylus lag as well.