Kindles and Fire Tablets on Sale for Father’s Day

Kindle Fathers Day Sale

Amazon has some of their devices on sale again for Father’s Day, including Kindles and Fire tablets.

For the most part it’s the same deals they had for Mother’s Day. The Kindle Paperwhite is $99 and the Kindle is $59, both are $20 off their normal prices.

You can save an extra $20 of the Paperwhite by going with the certified refurbished option but that sale ends tomorrow, June 11th.

Update: Now the refurbished Paperwhite sale has ended but they applied it to Kindle Voyage refurbs so now they’re $20 less, starting at $129.

The Fire HD 10 is also on sale for $119 again, which is $30 off its regular price.

The smaller Fire tablets are marked down as well. The 7-inch Fire tablet is $39 ($10 off) and the Fire HD 8 is $59 ($20 off).

Other Amazon devices are on sale as well, including Echos and the Fire TV stick.

Here’s the list of Kindle and Fire tablet deals that run from now until June 15th:

Kindle Deals

Kindle – $59

Kids Kindle – $79

Kindle Paperwhite – $99

Kindle Books Sale

Refurbished Kindles

Kindle Voyage – $129

Kindle Voyage 3G – $149

Fire Tablets

Fire 7 – $39

Fire HD 8 – $59

Fire HD 10 – $119

More Amazon Device Deals

14 Responses to “Kindles and Fire Tablets on Sale for Father’s Day”

  1. Because of past sales, for me the right pricing is:
    7″ Fire- $30
    8″ Fire HD- $50
    10″ Fire HD- $100

    I got two of the 8″ at that price, two different sales.

    • We’ll probably see those sale prices again next month for Prime Day, but of course it will require having a Prime membership. Hopefully they’ll put other Kindles on sale for a change. I don’t know why they never put the Oasis on sale, and the Voyage hasn’t been on sale for a long time either, which makes no sense with a device that’s almost 4 years old. Who but Amazon keeps a device around for that long and leaves it at the same price point the whole time. They could’ve at least lowered the price to $179 after three years. How many tablets and phones stay the same price for that long, especially after newer models come out. It’s ludicrous.

  2. These prices come up every holiday. Pretty soon we’ll see them for Arbor day.

  3. Wish there was a big sale on a 8+ inch eink reader. 6 inch is claustrophobic.

  4. Do they ever offer a larger storage device on sale? or only the basic entry level? example Fire HD 8 32gb?

    • All the versions are on sale. I just generally list the starting price for each because it gets too confusing with four different versions of each model.

  5. I would love to see the Tap go on sale. Also it would be great if they’d update the software to it as well.

  6. Nathan, how would say iPad mini 4 128G compares to the Fire HD 8?
    Not storage, of course with sd card option there foot Fire, but overall performance and battery life?

    I’m returning a new iPod touch due to poor battery life…2 hours of email on wifi with low screen light and no apps refreshing “ain’t good enough”

    • I’ve never owned an iPad Mini 4 but I would guess that it’s still light-years ahead of the Fire HD 8 even though it’s an older model. The Fire HD 8 is just a basic model. The iPad Mini costs like 5 times as much. Is it 5 times better? Probably not, but it’s certainly on a different level. The specs are superior in just about every way.

  7. Did the Refurbished prices change? I’m getting

    Kindle Paperwhite – $99

    Kindle Voyage – $129

    Kindle Voyage 3G – $149

    • Yeah, the refurbished Paperwhite sale ended today but it’s good to see they took $20 off Voyage refurbs. $129 is a good price for a Voyage.

  8. Funny (not really) that B&N and Kobo didn’t put anything on sell for Fathers Day (at least not the last time I looked), just Kindle. B&N and Kobo always lag behind (if you want to call it that….neo-stragglers) when it comes to sells.

  9. Ooooh… Should I get a backup Voyage? Hmmmm… I’m so hopeful that Amazon will release a Paperwhite with real buttons.