How to Make a Literary Clock from an Old Kindle (Video)

Kindle Clock

If you have an old Kindle laying around gathering dust, there are several different things you can do with it.

You can use it as a coaster for drinks, or as a serving platter for lizards, or you can turn it into a clock that displays literary quotes with the time of day embedded in each quote.

Of course you can also trade-in your old Kindle for 25% off a new one, but what’s the fun in that?

There’s a detailed set of directions on how to turn your Kindle into a literary clock over at

Installing the hack makes it so your Kindle shows a new quote on the screen every minute with the time of day displayed in bold letters so you can easily read it.

It’s not exactly a simple process (for starters, you have to jailbreak your Kindle) but someone uploaded a YouTube video that covers a lot of the complicated stuff step-by-step.

Make sure to check the video’s description for relevant links to the jailbreak files and required software tools if you decide to take on the challenge.


Literary Clock – Repurpose Your Old Kindle

5 Responses to “How to Make a Literary Clock from an Old Kindle (Video)”

  1. Nice idea 🙂
    Too bad I don’t have an old one.

  2. Is there something similar for the Nook Simple Touch?

  3. My old DX kindle had its wireless turned off and cannot be turned on again. If I use the Factory button , will that erase all my books in my account?