Kindle Voyage on Sale for $95 Refurbished (Ended)

Kindle Voyage

One of Amazon’s main Deals of the Day for today includes the Kindle Voyage at its lowest price ever.

You can get the Wi-Fi Kindle Voyage for only $94.99, or the upgraded version with free cellular connectivity for $111.99.

Both are certified refurbished Kindles sold by Amazon, and they come with the same warranty as new Kindles.

It’s a 1-day only sale for October 10th, and considering how popular the Kindle Voyage was the deal might not last all day.

Amazon still has refurbished Kindle Paperwhites on sale for $79 as well, but for only $15 more the Voyage’s premium design is a notable upgrade.

Kindle Deals

Wi-Fi Kindle Voyage – $94.99 (October 10th only)

3G Kindle Voyage – $111.99 (October 10th only)

Kindle Paperwhite – $79.99

50% off 6-months of Kindle Unlimited – $29.97 (Ends October 13th)

9 Responses to “Kindle Voyage on Sale for $95 Refurbished (Ended)”

  1. Somehow I think this will be the last batch. Get one while you can.

    • You can always get a non-refurbished Kindle voyage secondhand. Once the new Kindle comes out everyone will be selling their voyage on eBay for dirt cheap, trust me. You’ll be able to get a Kindle voyage with 3G and a leather case for about $100 and in like new condition. Not only that but you’ll be be able to see or request pictures that people post up and take a good look at the lighting which plagues the voyage. I would wait ..

  2. Got a WlFi…..I have the first paperwhite, the upgrade will be nice for me. I wish I could justify an Oasis!

    • Hope you enjoy it, Sean!

      • Thanks. I have to wait a little longer……they sent it to the wrong State 🙁

        They are going to send one by Oct. 25th, they expect to have some again by then. I got the Amazon Oagami Cover just fine, but the Voyage is somewhere in New York. Amazon is the carrier, and even though the label has my correct address, logistics said that they couldn’t have the first package re-routed back to me.

        Seems like a waste of money to do a return and new Transaction/box/etc., instead of just sending the current box to its proper destination….oh well.

  3. I think I might know why it ended. Goodereader said there will an announcement on Oct 17 of a new kindle.

    • It ended because it was a 1-day only sale, and that “new Kindle” is most likely only going to be sold in China like the co-branded Kindle X, so that’s why I haven’t posted anything about it yet (this website does just fine without having to resort to clickbait articles and making up stories just to get attention, unlike those clowns).

  4. Oh,I’m sorry for mentioning it.

    • Don’t be sorry, just be cautious of websites with ulterior motives, especially ones that sell the same products that they post glowing reviews of (with a healthy markup to boot).