32GB Kobo Forma Now Available to Purchase, But Does it Cost Too Much?

Kobo Forma 32GB

When Kobo revealed their new 8-inch Kobo Forma ebook reader last month, the press released mentioned a 32GB model but no specifics were given in regards to a release date or price.

Well, it’s turned out to be a short wait, as the 32GB Kobo Forma is now available to purchase from Kobo.com. There’s no sign of it on Walmart’s website yet; in fact they still don’t even have the 8GB Kobo Forma available (what a disappointing partnership that has turned out to be).

The 32GB Kobo Forma is priced at a wallet-emptying $329 USD.

Add another $50 for the PU leather cover and you’re just $20 shy of 400 bills.

That’s a lot of money to spend on a dedicated ebook reader, but it’s not far off from Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Oasis, which sells for $279 for the 32GB model, plus $20 more to remove the ads.

The Kobo Forma has a larger screen so I guess that’s why they priced it higher, but considering Kobo’s lack of presence in the United States, wouldn’t it make more sense to charge less than Amazon to get more people interested in the Kobo brand?

Unlike the Limited Edition 32GB Kobo Aura One, the 32GB Kobo Forma is being sold in Canada as well, with a price of $349 CAD, which is considerably lower than the US price—after conversion that’s only about $265 USD.

So why does Kobo charge so much more in the US?

Unfortunately the 32GB version of the Kobo Forma isn’t available to order from Canada-based Indigo so US residents are unable to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate.

32GB Kobo Forma

7 Responses to “32GB Kobo Forma Now Available to Purchase, But Does it Cost Too Much?”

  1. I agree. Seems to me that giving almost all profit margins in order to get some sales traction and Buzz in the U.S. would be a better strategy.

  2. I currently use a Paperwhite with 2GB memory. I want a new reader. The Kobo is too big, too expensive and can’t use my Kindle book, etc.
    Hopefully Amazon will come out with a Voyage replacement with an SD slot good to 128GB, ear phone plugs and page turn “buttons” as on the Kindle 3.
    If this doesn’t happen I would probably buy a n Oasis, maybe*. The advantage the Oasis has is that I can make 5 payments on it with my Prime. Doesn’t bust my wallet all at once!

    *Buying an Oasis is like voting, you hold your nose and just do it!

  3. I’ve played with a few 32gb readers before. Each time I side-loaded 9gbs worth of content, the performance became laggy.

    I’m sticking with 8gb devices for the time being.

  4. I actually have about 14 gigs used on my Oasis(in addition to about 6 gigs for operating system)
    No lag at all.

  5. I believe in terms of size, Auora One is the best, Forma does not have any thing further that unless a higher price. Apart from the price, Kobo is worst for reading pdf’s.

  6. It does have one important thing the Aura does not, page turn buttons.

  7. The 32gb Kindle Oasis can now be had in like-new condition from 3rd parties for < $200. Having owned both Kindles and Kobos–Kobos lack the highlighting and note-taking agility of Kindle, and the system-wide stability of Kindle. I'd like to endorse the underdog, but Kobos are not as good in several key ways, in my use. It seems absurd to spend more than $200 for the Forma in any format, let alone spend over $300.