10 Free Kindle eBooks and Kindle Deals – 12/10

Here’s a roundup of ten free Kindle ebooks to help get the week off to a good start.

Amazon also has the new Kindle Paperwhite on sale, along with some of their Fire tablets, and Woot still has some older refurbished Kindles for cheap.

Please note that the free Kindle books listed below are free as of December 10th, 2018. Most of these titles are free for a limited time only and will expire in a few days before going back to the regular list price.

A good place to find more free Kindle books is on the free bestsellers list at Amazon.

You don’t need to own a Kindle ebook reader or a Fire tablet to read these free ebooks; you can use a free Kindle reading app for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices, or use a computer or web browser.

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Kindle Deals

Kindle Paperwhite – $99 ($30 off)

Kindle Paperwhite Audible Bundle – $139 ($115 off)

Kindle Voyage – $149 New at Woot (International 3G version)

Kindle Voyage – $99 Refurbished

Kindle 3 – $23 Refurbished

More Woot Kindle Deals

Fire HD 8 – $59 ($20 off)

Fire HD 10 – $99 ($50 off)

Fire Kids Tablets – ($30-$50 off)

Kindle Daily Deals

More Kindle Books up to 80% off

Amazon First Reads

10 Free Kindle eBooks

The Recipient: An Emerald City Thriller by Audrey J. Cole

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.8 stars, 34 reviews

Sergeant Wade McKinnon knows who killed Samantha the moment he arrives at her crime scene. Problem is, he watched her killer die a year ago. A year after serial killer Michael Rhodes is executed and allowed to donate part of his brain as an organ transplant, Wade gets called to a murder scene that shares uncanny similarities to those of the late Michael Rhodes. Other similar killings happen around Seattle, and Wade seems to be the only person still alive who knows enough about Michael Rhodes’s murders to be able to replicate them…

Chasing The Dragon (Deception Duet Book 1) by T.K. Leigh

Romance, 4.7 stars, 287 reviews

Mackenzie Delano craves control in every aspect of her life, from her business life to her social life…to her love life. But she wasn’t expecting to cross paths with a mysterious man who seems to invade her every thought. Tyler Burnham has been living his life with one rule in mind…never fall in love. But when a case is dropped in his lap, forcing him to form an intimate relationship with a sharp-tongued woman in order to obtain the location of a man deemed an enemy of the State, he finds himself straying from that rule…

The Ruins by T.W. Piperbrook

Science Fiction & Fantasy, 4.6 stars, 180 reviews

Three survivors travel the ruins of a collapsed society, sifting through the rusted relics of the Ancients’ civilization as they search for a better future, hoping to escape the horrors of the past. But among those treasures lurks danger.

And what they discover might be worse than what they left behind.

Truth Kills (Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries Book 1) by Nanci Rathbun

Mystery, 4.3 stars, 71 reviews

Angelina Bonaparte is starting from square one. After a messy divorce, the middle-aged librarian put down her books and picked up a new gig as a private investigator. When a mob boss heads to jail for his mistress’ murder, she has no issue with the womanizing scumbag rotting in prison. But when the suspect’s pregnant wife swears his innocence, Angelina can’t find it in her heart to refuse the case…

Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre

Romance, 4.6 stars, 1380 reviews

Cole Masten. Abandoned by his superstar wife, Hollywood’s Perfect Husband is now Hollywood’s Sexiest Bachelor: partying hard and screwing even harder. Watch out Los Angeles, there’s a new bad boy in town. Summer Jenkins. That’s me, a small town girl stuck in Quincy, Georgia. I cook some mean chicken and dumplins, can bluff a grown man out of his savings in poker, and was voted Most Friendly my senior year…

Heart Of Destiny: (The Heart Of The Citadel Book One) by Susan Faw

Fantasy, 4.5 stars, 42 reviews

Magic suppressed. Magic exiled. Magic murdered. During the Great Purge, all magic was destroyed and those who could wield it were driven into exile. From that time on, the world of Gaia churned on in relative peace and prosperity.
When the emperor of the central Citadel suddenly dies, his apprentice takes his place. Benevolent and loved, the new emperor is a benign ruler, bridging the age-old conflicts between the provinces. The citadel is a symbolic as well as a physical barrier to maintaining the fragile peace…

Salt of the Earth by Kate Moschandreas

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.6 stars, 37 reviews

It’s 2038, and Berkeley, CA is drought-ravaged, dusty and smog-filled. Jess Prentiss, a chemistry student, starts her day with a jog through the hills – only to realize that she is being chased. Over the course of three days, she barely stops running. Fleeing from one narrow escape to another, Jess learns that it’s her own scientific discoveries that are at the crux of a massive power struggle involving water, salt, cut-throat capitalistic contracts, worldwide famine, the Governor of California and a radicalized populist environmental group…

Claus (Legend of the Fat Man) by Tony Bertauski

Science Fiction, 4.4 stars, 371 reviews

In the early 1800s, Nicholas Santa discovered an ancient race of elven. Short, fat and hairy, they have lived peacefully on the North Pole since the Ice Age but Nicholas is quickly swept into the colony’s first and only fracture. The elven known as the Cold One has divided his people. His name is Jack. And Jack’s tired of hiding. Why should they live in a shrinking ice cap when humans occupy the rest of the world? It’s just not fair…

The Finding: The Legend of Oescienne by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Children’s eBooks , 4.3 stars, 113 reviews

When the dragon Jaax receives word that a human infant has been found in the province of Oescienne, he doesn’t dare believe it. Humans have been extinct for centuries, trapped by a terrible curse and left to live out their existence in the form of dragons. Despite his doubts, however, Jaax assumes responsibility for the baby girl only to discover that what he has been seeking for so many years has finally been found…

Retribution: A Psychic Detective by C.M. Sutter

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.5 stars, 33 reviews

The violent drug-related murders of two prominent attorneys have the homicide division of the Chicago Police Department scrambling for answers, but without clues, a motive, or a suspect, not even the FBI can track down the killer. With the media demanding an arrest and at their wits’ end, the Chicago Police Department makes an urgent call to the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office in hopes of bringing in Kate Pierce, a psychic detective, on the case. A reluctant Kate agrees only when word comes that Jesse McCord, a new friend and top-notch Chicago homicide detective, has gone missing…

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