Kobo Forma Getting a Twist Test (Video)

Kobo Forma

Someone recently uploaded a YouTube video showing the Kobo Forma being subjected to a twist test. There’s nothing like YouTube to turn up weird videos of just about everything.

The video raises more questions than it answers. There is no description or any indication why anybody would want to test the Kobo Forma in such a way.

But it is kind of interesting.

One of the unique characteristics with the new Kobo Forma is the fact that it uses a flexible E Ink screen.

Most ebook readers have E Ink screens that are laminated onto fragile glass backing, but the Kobo Forma uses a flexible plastic backplane.

This helps make the device lighter and more durable. In fact it’s barely heavier than 6-inch ebook readers even though the Forma has a larger 8-inch screen.

Unfortunately the video doesn’t give any kind of conclusion regarding the twist test, but the Kobo Forma appears to handle being twisted without breaking. The screen certainly didn’t crack anyway. Take a look…

Kobo Forma Twist Test

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