Are Kindle Protection Plans Worth the Expense?

Kindle Protection Plan

When purchasing a new Kindle from Amazon, they give the option to purchase a SquareTrade protection plan.

Usually they just show the 3-year option in the add-on section, but you can purchase protection plans for 1 and 2 years as well.

Kindle protection plans can also be purchased separately up to 30 days after you buy a new Kindle.

But are protection plans worth the extra expense?

Each model has a different pricing structure. The protection plan for the entry-level Kindle costs $19.99 for 3 years, which seems pretty steep considering the device only sells for $79 new, often less on sale. That’s 25% of the regular price, and upwards of 40% when the Kindle goes on sale.

Three years for the Kindle Oasis costs $40. That’s 16% of the base starting price of $250, and about 11.5% of the price of the 32GB model with 4G wireless.

A 3-year plan for the Kindle Paperwhite sells for $29.99, which is 23% of the starting price and 12% of the price of the 32GB version with 4G LTE. That’s a pretty big difference.

If you’re getting the lower cost models the protection plans are fairly expensive. The new Kindle Paperwhite was recently on sale for $89. At that price paying an extra $30 for a protection plan doesn’t make much sense unless you’re prone to breaking things or have a dog that likes chewing on stuff.

For the more expensive models an extra 12% is more reasonable for 3 years of added protection.

They say you will receive a replacement device 2 to 3 days after making a valid claim, and you can make up to 3 claims during the warranty period.

The warranty does cover accidental breakages unlike the factory warranty, which is plus since E Ink screens are rather fragile and easily cracked, and factory warranties do not cover cracked screens.

Do you think it’s worth the extra cost to buy SquareTrade protection plans for Kindles? Have you ever gotten a replacement using a protection plan?

7 Responses to “Are Kindle Protection Plans Worth the Expense?”

  1. I have used it for Oasis 1. They did what they advertised, so, for me it was worth it. Do I have protection plans for all my devices, no, but Kindles I do.

  2. I guess it would be worth the money if you’re really clumsy 🙂

  3. Protection plans are never worth the money. This goes for extended warranties on cars as well.

    My one exception is road hazard warranty on tires. There is a greater than not chance that you will get a flat on one of your four tires before the tread is too low to get it replaced, especially if you live in Arizona.

  4. I’ve had to use SquareTrade on several items. Two dead Kindles, a netbook with a broken screen, faulty charge port on iPad Pro, faulty something on 10″ Samsung tablet, two toilet-diving cell phones, etc. Even the extended warranty on my Ford Focus was WELL worth it… fixing the transmission 3 times. (We replaced the car with something else at the end of the warranty!!) With the exception of the diving phones, the other items just happened. I’m still not clear on how the netbook screen shattered – we don’t have kids and it was MY device. Most electronics don’t leave our house. I guess it depends on the price of the warranty compared to the device cost. We have SquareTrade warranties on our cell phones too since those transfer to new phones, etc.

  5. Never. But broke two screens (K3 keyboard, circa 2011/12) and amazon (uk) has always immediately replaced them, even without a protection plan.

  6. I’ve only ever bought electronic device extended warranties on my iPhone 7 and my iPhone XR when I upgraded and only because they included accidental damage. Like Mike, I but tire road hazard coverage. Having to but a new aluminum wheel hurts.