Kindle Paperwhite 3 Still Available New and Refurbished

Paperwhite 3

Amazon released the 4th generation Kindle Paperwhite in November 2018, but they’re still selling the 3rd gen version as well.

In fact the Kindle Paperwhite 3 still ranks #4 on Amazon’s best sellers list for ebook readers, which is updated hourly. They’re still selling more previous gen Paperwhites than the current entry-level Kindle and Kindle Oasis—that’s interesting.

Some folks prefer the Paperwhite 3 over the new Paperwhite 4.

Some like the indented screen over the plastic front layer that they added to the new model because the text is a bit clearer on the older Paperwhite without the extra layer.

Personally I can’t see much of a difference but the background color is slightly lighter on the Paperwhite 3 and that does help the contrast seem a little better.

The new Paperwhite 4 has more storage space and it adds Bluetooth to listen to audiobooks, and it’s also waterproof, but other than that it’s mostly the same as the Paperwhite 3.

There are a few software differences, like inverted mode for white text on a black background is only on the Paperwhite 4.

See this Kindle Paperwhite comparison review for a closer look at the differences between the two.

If you like the Paperwhite 3 better you can still get them new and refurbished. Amazon still sells both. Woot has some available as well.

Where to Get a Kindle Paperwhite 3

New at Amazon $119 – both black and white versions are available, and the Paperwhite 3 with cellular wireless is $189.

Refurbished at Amazon $99

Refurbished/used at Woot $64

Scratch & dent at Woot $49

3 Responses to “Kindle Paperwhite 3 Still Available New and Refurbished”

  1. The Paperwhite 3 is my first ever E-reader and I like it a lot. My wife bought me one in July 2018 and it still works great! As the article said unless you are really into Audio Books and/or read while taking baths, the PW 3 is a great buy.

  2. Dave Fawkes (pensioner) Reply February 2, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    Kindle one of the best for e-readers. Always reading my Kindle.

  3. No light inbuilt.
    Need built in light.
    Bad buy for me.