Entry-level Kindle Now Just $49 Without Ads ($50 off)

Kindle Sale

Amazon put the entry-level Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite on sale at the end of last week, and now they’ve suddenly dropped the price of the entry-level Kindle without ads, including the international model, by an additional $20.

The non-ad version normally sells for $99, and then when the sale started earlier last week it was selling for $69, and now they’ve got the entry-level Kindle marked down to $49 without Special Offers.

They sold out of the Special Offers versions with ads so now they’re charging the same price for the non-ad version.

It looks like Amazon wants to get rid of the entry-level Kindle. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it get replaced soon or even possibly discontinued.

Hopefully they won’t be getting rid of the entry-level model entirely, but when they regularly put the Kindle Paperwhite on sale for only $10-$20 more than the entry-level model you never know.

It’s more likely they’ll replace it with a newer model soon. Either way price cuts like this usually mean something is about to change.

They still give the option to add a free 3 month Kindle Unlimited subscription with the purchase of the Kindle as well, or you can opt to get it without Kindle Unlimited. Update: The option to add KU isn’t appearing now.

$49 Kindle

7 Responses to “Entry-level Kindle Now Just $49 Without Ads ($50 off)”

  1. Links are down.

    • Thanks for letting me know. It appears that they removed the option to add 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for free so now those links don’t work.

  2. Hello Nathan, quick question. Is there a website where I can download the previous Kindle paperwhite 7th generation software update? This new version seems to be very buggy. I’m looking for the Bin file and the Amazon page only has the latest version. Thanks

    • You can manually change the URL of the bin file to get whatever version you need.

      • This. But the Kindle won’t be able to downgrade to older firmware versions.

        • Thank you both but excuse my ignorance how exactly do I change the URL? The new software update doesn’t seem to download books from the cloud properly, it’s hit and miss. The clock also doesnt work properly and some sideloaded books don’t automatically appear, i have to restart Kindle. It also seems much slower and less responsive than usual. Thanks again.

          • It doesn’t matter about the url because downgrading to older firmware isn’t possible anyway. Hopefully they’ll get things fixed with the next update because there’s no way to go back. That’s why some people avoid updates.