Large eReaders with Frontlights – Onyx Note Pro and Likebook Mimas

Onyx Note Pro Likebook Mimas

Last year when the original Onyx Boox Note was released, the biggest complaint was the fact that it didn’t have a frontlight, and the same could be said about all the other ebook readers with larger 10.3-inch and 13.3-inch E Ink screens up until just recently.

But now we’ve finally got a couple of large ereaders with frontlights. The Likebook Mimas and Onyx Boox Note Pro were both released recently, and both have 10.3-inch E Ink screens with frontlights.

Both have frontlights with warm and cool color temperatures, and both can be blended, although it requires a separate app with the Likebook.

I got both models in this week to review, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how nice the screens look with the added frontlights.

With the larger screen size you would think that it would be harder to get the frontlights evenly distributed across the full screen, but the frontlights are mostly even on both of these units. They both have some brighter areas along the lower edge, but for the most part they’re on par with the smaller Nova and Muses models.

I’ll get a comparison review posted next week, along with some videos, so stay tuned for a closer look at these two large frontlit ebook readers!

So far I really like the Note Pro’s upgraded design. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the glass screen or not but it makes the build-quality feel more solid and gives it more of a premium look and feel. The Likebook Mimas is nicer than I expected too, and it adds page buttons and a microSD card slot. I don’t know which one is “better” yet but it’s good to finally have a couple of viable options for large screen ereaders with frontlights.

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  1. 2 interesting options. And keep workin on better devices.

  2. Hi! After using both of them, which one do you prefer between the Note Pro and the smaller 7.8″ Nova Pro? I’ve read the screen in the Nova Pro is sharper due to the 300 ppi while the Note Pro only has 227 ppi. Can you confirm? And what about the user experience, reading and taking notes? Would be great a comparison of the 2. I’m still so undecided about which one to buy between the Note Pro and Nova Pro. Any feedback and opinion would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • I’ll post a comparison review but there really is no functional difference between the two. The Note Pro is just bigger, and it’s pretty standard for larger screens to have lower ppi than smaller screens because with everything scaled up on the larger screen it doesn’t really make a difference.

  3. Oynx Note vs. Mimas, which is a better choice? If I don’t care about front light, it should be Note? It has a better system, I guess?

    • I’ll post a comparison, but yeah Onyx’s software has more features, as noted in the Nova Pro vs Likebook Muses review. The Mimas has a memory card slot and physical buttons, though, plus it’s $110 cheaper.

      • Which one feels better to write on? Is there one more natural than writing on glass? Sync to google drive?

        One of my friends takes all his notes by Apple Pencil on the iPad. It’s cool, but I don’t like to read PDFs on the screen. Looking for a best in both note taking and reading. Hope to find that here.

      • Sorry, Nathan. I meant Note, not Note Pro. Note’s price is close to Mimas. Both spec are close too (2G+32GB). Mimas has SD slot but it’s 100g heavier. Given Onyx’s system is better, Note seems to be a better choice than Mimas, if I don’t really need the front light. Hmm…

        • That’s a tough one… I’m reviewing the Note Pro first so I haven’t had a chance to use the Mimas as much yet. It came with a screen protector but I haven’t put it on yet. I imagine it would feel similar to the Note with the screen protector on.

  4. Ingo Lembcke, EU, Germany Reply April 27, 2019 at 4:12 am

    There is also the Tolino Epos, from Thalia/ebook/Weltbild in Germany. 7,8 inch, waterprotected (-proof?), smartlight. Currently 230 Eur + shipping.
    Not sure wether they ship to US.
    It is ok, Hardware, frontlight etc. is very good, Software is ok, but for my idea PDF could be better (contacted them about it, but not much has changed with 2 or 3 firmware updates).
    Comics and even Magazines could be way more comfortable – anyone who had a Sony PRS-T1 will be surprised to see that nearly 8 years later Tolino does not have the same capabilities. Even Kindle has now (!) a little more to offer for PDF and for Kindle comics a nice trick (tap on a picture in a comic page to zoom it as the only shown picture).

  5. Thanks, Nathan. I think I will buy the Boox Note, given it’s lighter, and has sufficient storage for me. As you said, the extra 2GB ram on Note pro would not significantly improve the performance, though the glass layer might make the machine tougher against impact, but costing an extra $150 seems too much for me. I would rather save this $150 for a future device.

    The internal storage for Mimas should be 16GB. I made a mistake in my earlier message.

    Still look forward for your comparison and reviews. Thanks!

  6. hi, where is the video, didn’t see it yet. it’s been a week