10 Free Kindle eBooks and Kindle Deals – June 24th

It’s time for another roundup of 10 free highly-rated Kindle ebooks.

Also, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription deals are still active with a discount of up to 40% off, and the 2nd gen Kindle Oasis is $50 off with the newer model taking its place, plus you can get 20% back when purchasing with an Amazon Prime credit card.

Please note that the free Kindle books listed below are free as of June 24th, 2019. Most of these titles are free for a limited time only and will expire in a few days before going back to the regular list price.

A good place to find more free Kindle books is on the free bestsellers list at Amazon.

You don’t need to own a Kindle ebook reader or a Fire tablet to read these free ebooks; you can use a free Kindle reading app for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices, or use a computer or web browser.

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Kindle Deals

Kindle Oasis 2 – $199 ($50 off, plus 20% back if purchased with an Amazon Prime credit card)

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Kindle Unlimited Gift Deal – 20-40% off

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10 Free Kindle eBooks

Deathwatch (Broslin Creek Book 1) by Dana Marton

Mystery/Romance, 4.5 stars, 674 reviews

After a rough deployment in Afghanistan, Murphy Dolan arrives home in the middle of the night, wanting nothing but his bed. Except, a beautiful stranger is sleeping in it. Running for her life and hiding her identity, Kate Bridges claims a rental mix-up and refuses to move out. She’s the only person who can identify the most notorious hit man in the country, and she has no money left to keep running. But how long can she hide the truth from Murphy? And can she trust him when trouble finally catches up with her?

Mark One (Mark Midway Series Book 1) by John Hindmarsh

Thriller, 4.5 stars, 181 reviews

He is genetically engineered. He doesn’t know by whom, where, or why. Nine men, ex-military, are on a mission to destroy a genetics laboratory and capture a genetically engineered specimen. They are supported by four rogue CIA agents, who have commandeered a test drone and a missile at a Marine base. The team attacks the genetics laboratory complex before dawn, during a raging blizzard. Within hours, seven of the men are dead, one is severely wounded and one barely escapes. The drone with its missile has been destroyed. The next morning the four rogue agents are found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Mark flees the laboratory complex, seeking safety and somewhere he can call home…

Blister by Jeff Strand

Horror & Suspense, 4.4 stars, 333 reviews

They call her Blister. She’s a hideously disfigured twenty-three year old woman, living in a shed next to her father’s house, hidden away from the world. Jason Tray is a successful cartoonist, banished to his agent’s lakeside cabin for a few days of mandatory rest and relaxation. One night, while hanging out with a couple of the locals at a dive bar, he takes them up on their offer to go “see Blister,” having no idea what they’re talking about. He peeks through the window at the most nightmarish thing he’s ever seen. In the morning, he wakes up, hung over and regretful. He’s better than this. He needs to…apologize?

Beauty and the Professor by Skye Warren

Fairy Tales, 4.4 stars, 99 reviews

Once upon a time there was a beautiful college student… Erin cleans Mr. Morris’s house twice a week to pay her tuition. The reclusive ex-soldier intimidates her, but she can’t help but feel sympathy for him. Then she walks in on him touching himself, and she has much darker, much more sensual feelings. And a beastly professor with scars he can’t hide… Blake Morris knows he’s scarred both inside and out. He’s reclusive and surly. Nowhere near good enough for the smart and beautiful young woman who cleans his house. He receives an offer to return to his alma mater as an associate professor. This is his chance to reenter the world–and to be worthy of the woman he dreams about. He never expected to see her sitting in his classroom on the first day of the semester.

The Coelho Medallion by Kevin Tumlinson

Thriller, 4.6 stars, 210 reviews

An ancient medallion is unearthed in Pueblo, Colorado, revealing a secret that will rewrite the history of North America—the Vikings somehow made it to the continent’s interior, centuries before Columbus made landfall, and there they built a city of gold. But today the Coelho Medallion has been stolen, and a linguist and researcher has been abducted in connection with the crime. Could the abductors be after the fabled city of gold? Or do they have a more sinister plot in mind? Dan Kotler is an independent researcher who often finds himself in more trouble than he was expecting…

The Brave Line by Kate Stewart

Romance, 4.7 stars, 224 reviews

She is a five foot seven long list of things he can’t have. He is a determined cop, desperate to keep his heart sealed behind his badge. Michelle is a survivor. With a fresh perspective on life, she trades her tragic past in California for the coastal waters of Charleston. Fueled by a new career as a dispatcher, she’s determined not to let her scars weigh her down. She apologizes for nothing, especially her insatiable need for a certain police officer. Rowdy is a newly minted sergeant dedicated to his job, but the life of a Charleston police officer has never been more dangerous…

The Iron Butterfly by Chanda Hahn

Fantasy, 4.5 stars, 917 reviews

Thalia knows three things; Her first name. That she barely escaped the clutches of the Septori with the help of a mysterious stranger. And that her run in with the Septori’s iron butterfly machine did something to her. It changed her into something neither fully human nor Denai. Fearing her inner darkness and seeking answers to her past, Thalia finds refuge as a servant at the Citadel in Calandry, a school for the gifted Denai. When strange powers awaken within her she is forced to pretend to be one of them and goes from being a servant to student overnight…

Borderline (Lassiter/Martinez Case Files Book 1) by Joseph Badal

Mystery, 4.3 stars, 350 reviews

Barbara Lassiter and Susan Martinez, two New Mexico homicide detectives, are assigned to investigate the murder of a wealthy Albuquerque socialite. They soon discover that the victim, a narcissistic borderline personality, played a lifetime game of destroying people’s lives. As a result, the list of suspects in her murder is extensive. The detectives find themselves enmeshed in a helix of possible perpetrators with opportunity, means, and motive—and soon question giving their best efforts to solve the case the more they learn about the victim’s hideous past…

Forager – A Dystopian Trilogy Book 1 by Peter R Stone

Science Fiction, 4.4 stars, 286 reviews

Twenty-year-old Ethan Jones lives in a post-apocalyptic, oppressive society that terminates anyone with mutations caused by nuclear radiation in an effort to keep the human race pure. Because of that, he lives every day in fear for his life, for he has an incredible mutation that gives him an edge when foraging in Melbourne’s ruins. An edge he uses to survive encounters with the vile Skel savages who roam those ruins. His life becomes complicated when he rescues a mysterious Japanese girl from the Skel and brings her back with him, for she breaks the town’s rigid conventions in her pursuit of him, placing their lives in jeopardy…

Spring Texas Bride by Katie Lane

Romance, 4.7 stars, 51 reviews

When Spring Hadley breezes into Bliss, Texas, Waylon Kendall knows she’s trouble with a capital T. And trouble is the last thing he needs when he’s working hard to fill his daddy’s boots as the new sheriff. He doesn’t have time for frivolous fun with a sassy woman who can’t take no for an answer. But when Spring finagles her way into a position as his new assistant, Waylon realizes there’s much more to her than meets the eye. She brightens his mundane life with her sunny smile and kind heart, and he suddenly wants springtime each and every day…

One Response to “10 Free Kindle eBooks and Kindle Deals – June 24th”

  1. Because I’m not sure were else to put this, I figured a post on deals was the nest bet.

    I recently received a deal of sorts from Amazon.They sen an email to me with the Subject: “Matthew, here’s a $5 credit toward your Wish List read”.

    The body of the text explained it a little further:
    “Thank you for adding Cassandra at the Wedding (New York Review Books Classics) to your Wish List. We have applied a $5 Kindle book credit to your account to use on this book.

    You can claim this credit within 7 days from when it is applied to your account.”

    I added this book to my wish list on May 31st 2019.

    Now the interesting thing is this credit does not only apply to this book, but it also does not apply to all Kindle books. I can’t quite figure out the rhyme or reason of what it works on. It seems like it’s specific to Random House books, but it works on some and not others. It’s not author specific as I can use it on Pale Fire by Nabokov, but not Pnin.

    Anyway, thought I’d give you the heads up.