Kindle Deals are Back at Woot – $75 Kindle Voyage, $25 Paperwhite

Kindle Woot Deals

Woot is owned by Amazon so older refurbished Kindle models often turn up for sale at Woot for pretty cheap.

All the Woot Kindle deals dried up for the past month and a half, but now the deals are back and some are better than ever. It’s worth noting some of the deals require having an Amazon Prime membership, others don’t. You can get a free trial for Prime if you want to get in on the deals.

You can get a refurbished Kindle Voyage for as low as $74.99, and the 3G model is only $5 more.

They also have the first generation Kindle Paperwhite available for only $24.99 refurbished.

One of the best deals is the 32GB Kindle Paperwhite 3, the manga edition, for $59.99 refurbished, but it’s a Prime exclusive deal.

A couple of the deals on older Kindles aren’t very good because they are scratch and dent units so pay close attention to the listing details.

Check back tomorrow for a list of Prime Day Kindle deals.

Here’s the list of current Woot Kindle deals. They also have some older Fire tablets for really cheap, as low as $15.99.

Update: Amazon has started Prime Day deals early on Kindles. The new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite 4 is marked down to $84.99 and the new front-lit entry-level Kindle is $59.99. Both also include a $5 ebook credit with purchase.

5 Responses to “Kindle Deals are Back at Woot – $75 Kindle Voyage, $25 Paperwhite”

  1. So hard not to impulse buy that 3g Paperwhite for $30.

  2. The 3g Voyage is greyed out already.

  3. So I took the plunge on the 32 GB manga paperwhite, of course I didn’t need that much storage but it was such a good deal I couldn’t pass it up. I already have a PW3 but I figured an extra one would be nice since I loathe the PW4. Upon receiving it, I was absolutely devastated to see that the screen was awful. Yellow and pink discoloration throughout with uneven lighting. Side by side with my other PW it was really bad. Another thing is that the screen was not uniform and I could see the lining of the screen on the bottom and it was crooked. Lesson learned on buying a refurbished Kindle. I contacted Woot and unfortunately there were no replacements available as everything sold out so they immediately discounted 50% off which was nice. Another thing I noticed which was weird is that on the 32 GB model you actually get 27 GB of storage. So the software uses 5 GB which is weird because the same software on the same model on my 4 GB model has 3gb available meaning it only uses one 1gb for the software.