Kindle Paperwhite 4 Now Available in Twilight Blue

Kindle Paperwhite Blue

Amazon has added a new color option to the Kindle Paperwhite, and the color is fitting considering the device is waterproof.

When purchasing a new Kindle Paperwhite, you now have the choice between black and twilight blue. This makes the Kindle Paperwhite 4 the first blue Kindle, and it’s available with 8GB or 32GB of storage space, but so far there isn’t a blue 4G LTE model—that’s still only available in black.

The blue color covers the back, sides and wraps around to the front edge, but of course the Kindle’s bezels are still black.

It’s funny how they call it twilight blue. Why not just call it blue?

It’s nice to have more color choices either way. The previous Paperwhite was available in white or black, and so is the current entry-level model. The Kindle Oasis also has two color choices with graphite and champagne gold. So it makes sense to add another color choice to the new Paperwhite as well.

Amazon also sells a matching twilight blue leather cover that goes well with the new blue Kindle Paperwhite, although most of the Kindle’s color is covered when you have a cover on anyway. 😀

Blue Kindle Paperwhite

6 Responses to “Kindle Paperwhite 4 Now Available in Twilight Blue”

  1. I kinda love it! I’ve been wanting them to make Kindles in fun colors for years. And I always read on my devices without covers.

  2. The detachable back covers in some Kobo eReaders where popular between some people, they could choose between various colors. For me, as I always use a cover, I prefer changing the cover. Although for some occasions I would like the option of a silicone cover without the front, as there are four phones. I think I only saw that cover model for the Nook Simple Touch.

  3. I wish they would do this at first release for i already have the regular black one.

  4. If you use a cover, and I don’t know who doesn’t, you can barely see that it’s blue. Why didn’t they just do the whole thing in blue? I have the white paperwhite and was hoping they’d make the new one in white. Not buying this one

  5. I like the option of other colors but kind of find it pointless leaving the bezels black. I use covers so I wouldn’t see the color change if it’s just on the back.

  6. leaving front black and edges blue or whatever color is a nice touch. it like its edged in blue. but only matching cover really goes with it since bottom and top show with cover. imo get the matching color cover. i did. looks good.