When Will the Kindle Paperwhite Get a Warm Frontlight?

Paperwhite 3

Now that Amazon has released the new Kindle Oasis that has a frontlight with warm and cool color temperatures, it’s just a matter of time before they release a new Kindle Paperwhite with the same feature.

The only thing that goes against that possibility is the fact that the current Kindle Paperwhite was just released last November, and the previous version was around for over 3 years before they finally decided to upgrade it with waterproofing and more storage space.

But going back to the 1st Kindle Paperwhite, it was only out for a year before they replaced it with the Paperwhite 2, and then the Paperwhite 3 replaced it a year and a half later with a higher-resolution screen and a few other minor changes.

The higher resolution 300 ppi screen was first introduced on the more expensive Kindle Voyage, and then they brought it to the Paperwhite line, and I can see the exact same thing happening with the new frontlight.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Amazon come out with another new Paperwhite later this year that’s exactly the same as the current one except with a warm frontlight like the new Oasis.

People shouldn’t have to pay $250 on a Kindle Oasis to get a frontlight with adjustable color temperature to read more comfortably at night, especially when all the other brands already offer that feature, including the 6-inch Kobo Clara HD that’s currently on sale at Walmart for only $99.

Kindles are really behind the times when it comes to color adjusting frontlights, and now that Amazon has finally caved and offered a feature that’s been available for several years on other brands, there’s no reason to make the feature exclusive to the Kindle Oasis.

Once people start seeing how nice the warm light feature is on the Oasis they are going to want it on the less expensive Kindles as well.

I bet that by this time next year there will be a Kindle Paperwhite with adjustable frontlight color like the new Oasis. I doubt they’ll bring it to the entry-level Kindle but it’s something the most popular Kindle model needs to have.

16 Responses to “When Will the Kindle Paperwhite Get a Warm Frontlight?”

  1. Why should they? Amazon will keep it as a luxury feature of the most expensive model.

    • Because what other feature can you think of that can be added to the next version of paperwhite? Whenever they release a next ppw they will need to add atleast something to entice buyers, or they will keep using their existing device. New features give a reason to buyers to replace their older devices.

      But maybe they will not release a newer ppw in 3 years. That is a possibility. But if they do release a new ppw, they will have to add the warm light.

  2. I’m sure they’re already working on it. It gives pw1 2 and 3 owners a real reason to upgrade. The pw4 is unimpressive to me. So unimpressive that I actually prefer the pw3 and the new Kindle basic with the frontlight to it. Having color temp control though would change that calculus for me though.

    No matter for me though. My Oasis 3 should be here tommorow and it should be the last ereader I need for some time.

    • I agree. I bought first reader which was a PW3 and I have no desire to upgrade to the new kindle 2018 or oasis 3.

  3. A warm frontlight is the main thing I have been holding out for. I have used a Kindle Touch for years, and I got a Likebook Mars last year instead of a new Kindle. I have since grown to prefer its larger size. The Oasis 3 would be more tempting if it could lay flat. The PW has that advantage over the Oasis. I normally read hands-free by setting an ereader on another surface, not by holding in one hand. While I might continue to use my Likebook Mars more, I would like a new Kindle, and a PW with warm light seems like a better option than an Oasis 3 with its lopsided design. But neither is ideal, and I might wait for a larger flat-backed Kindle with warm light.

  4. My Kindle Paperwhite 3 is better than the PW4 because the latter easily get smudged because of the plastic cover in front which serves as the waterproofing.

    I find no reason tonipgrade to PW4 just to have a double storage. Having the audible capability is also of no use for me coz I like to read than just to listen.

    • Totally agree. Only upgrade world have be tts. I use audible on my phone. I don’t need it on my kindle.

      • For some reason Amazon won’t just call it text to speech but there VoiceView Screen Reader is basically that. It reads to you and has a pleasant voice. All current models have it as well as the previous gen Basic and Oasis.

        It’s hidden in the accessibility menu of you already have one these devices.

    • I hate the smudging. What is funny is that the plastic surface is NOT needed for waterproofing. Just look at the Kobo Aura H2O which has a matte display. Amazon wanted the Paperwhite to look bespoke like the Voyage and Oasis but didn’t want to spend the extra cost on glass. But they desperately needed the new Paperwhite to look different from the previous or no one would buy it.

      Well this is the result…

  5. I’m still using a pw2 which satisfies me a lot, so I was not compelled to change my device yet. Maybe if Amazon releases a new pw5 with warm color frontlight I may consider upgrade it.

    • I would like color adjusting very much, as well as the white text on black, the latter of which is a simple software tweak I’m sure. I have a PW3 I guess. I received it as a gift after I stepped on my PW1 in the dark. I miss the side buttons from my original or 2nd generation Kindle, if we’re making wish lists.

  6. I thought that comfort light would not make a difference but it does, only at night though. I own the Kobo Glo HD and the kobo Clara HD and comfort light definitely makes a BIG difference at night but no so during the day. Comfort light devices tend to have a blue screen that that gradually turn orange which look better in at night whereas non comfort lit devices like my Kobo HD have a slight warm opaque screen which is perfect during the day time but not so much at night. This may not be noticeable unless you compare them side by side in different lighting conditions.

    As for Amazon introducing Comfort light to the Paperwhite, I don’t see it happening for at least 2 years. Amazon is extremely slow in adding features, like they were with waterproofing and now comfort light. I believe for now they will keep it as a premium feature for the more expensive Oasis. For those wanting comfort light on a 6” screen the Clara HD is the way to go and its on sale at Walmart for $99

  7. Amazon is desperate to make new products stand out and they’re running out of ideas. Currently failing batteries is the only reason people replace ereaders. They’ve just updated their whole line up and the Paperwhite 5 is the next logical release.

    So I say 2020.

  8. I think they’ll release the new Paperwhite next year with the warm light feature. They paused on the waterproofing and Audible after the Oasis until the PW4. They wouldn’t do it right away, however, because they still want people to buy the Oasis.

    A good option would be to be another in between option that improves the screen (as many people have asked, an upgraded Voyage) that would have the warm light and give people more choices.

    I wish they would start paying attention to the processing speed too. I see people in forums saying it doesn’t matter because “they just use this to read” or “it’s just for reading”, but I can’t stand slowness on these devices when I’m trying to turn pages of scenes I’m into, or navigate my library and feel like I’m using an ancient device that feels like it’s lagging.

  9. I just want the warm light on the PW3. I don’t like the contrasting kindle text on the new one, or the smudging screen. I would even simply buy a warm tinted screen protector.
    But if they do come out with a warm toned PW I will get it. I thought about the oasis but I don’t like the metal backing, the size, or the curved back.