Kobo Forma Available for $174 Refurbished

Kobo Forma

Here’s an interesting deal. The Kobo Forma is available refurbished for cheap from a couple different places.

Over on eBay the refurbished Kobo Forma is selling for $173.94 with free shipping. It’s also available “renewed” on Amazon for $229 with free shipping (renewed is Amazon’s new word for refurbished).

The 8GB version of the Kobo Forma normally sells for $279 so being able to get one refurbished for over $100 off is a pretty good deal.

I’m generally suspicious of eBay listings with seller refurbished products because that doesn’t really mean anything, but this particular seller is well-known for selling all kinds of refurbished electronics.

Refurbished products have different grades and these are listed as Grade A on eBay, which essentially means it’s in like new condition with no defects.

The Kobo Forma is Kobo’s latest ebook reader that was released last fall.

It has an 8-inch E Ink screen with 300 ppi, and unlike most ebook readers the Kobo Forma has a flexible plastic-based screen that’s lighter and more durability than typical E Ink screens.

It also has a color-adjusting frontlight and a sensor to rotate the screen. It’s waterproof as well, and like other current Kobo models it has OverDrive support built-in for public library ebooks.

5 Responses to “Kobo Forma Available for $174 Refurbished”

  1. I’m curious about the success others have had with refurbished ereader s. Please share your experience.

  2. I heard the auto rotate can’t be locked proper and the device takes to long to rotate back sometimes, causing frustration for some–it would irritate me severly… But that’s word of mouth, I don’t have one.

  3. I have bought three refurbished Kindle Voyage ereaders from woot.com and they were just like new ;I have been using them for several months with no problems.

  4. I bought a Voyage and it’s great. Just like new

    E-bay is another great source for Kindles if you are careful. Buy from private parties and ask them a question. If they don’t reply, I don’t buy.

  5. With the exchange rate from CAD to USD, a brand new one is only about $225 from Chapters, right? Not sure how much shipping adds on, but I’m sure it’s a lot less than full price from Kobo’s site.