Reversible Micro USB Cables Are Vastly Underrated

Reversible Micro USB Cable

Some of you will already know about this, but I would wager that most people still don’t know about the convenience of reversible micro USB cables since 99% of devices with micro USB ports come with a standard cheap cable.

As the name implies, reversible micro USB cables can be connected both ways, up or down, so you don’t have to fiddle with getting the plug right-side-up every time.

In fact both ends of some reversible micro USB cables can be connected in either orientation.

It’s much nicer not having to mess with an upside down cable every time you want to charge your device, especially considering the small micro USB connector is hard to see in the dark, and some devices have the plug upside down so even if you know the “top” of your cable you’ll still get stymied with backward plugs.

Considering the fact that most dedicated ebook readers still come with micro USB ports instead of newer USB C ports, you’d think they could at least include a reversible micro USB cable with newer devices, especially expensive ones like the Kindle Oasis.

The only ereader that I know of that comes with a reversible micro USB cable is the Kobo Forma. I remember someone mentioning that awhile ago but forgot about it, but then some folks were talking about it over at MobileRead recently (I can’t remember where) so I started using it and it is indeed much better than a standard cable.

So if you’re tired of messing with regular micro USB cables, give a reversible micro USB cable a try.

13 Responses to “Reversible Micro USB Cables Are Vastly Underrated”

  1. Very Cool. I’ve never heard of them. I’ll pick up a pack.

  2. You were correct. Some of us were unaware. I’ll likely pick one up for my bedroom. Thanks.

  3. Gotta make sure you read the details carefully; some of these reversible ones only charge and will not transfer data (usually when the standard sized USB plug on the other end is also reversible).

    • Good to know, thanks. Amazon’s search doesn’t help any when they throw in a bunch of non-reversible cables even when specifically searching for “reversible” cables so you have to pay close attention to everything. I haven’t used the one linked to in the article but it seemed to have better reviews than some of the other ones.

  4. I use a magnetic tip for all my different devices (USB c, micro, and iPhone) and then just use a single cable.

  5. I didn’t like the one that came with my Forma. Both ends feel very flimsy.

  6. I enjoy USB type C and its ability to be used either direction and either end.

  7. Also Tolino Vision 4HD comes with reversible micro USB cable,that can be connected in either orientation, as well in other readers.

  8. Is this the same as USB C?

  9. Oh, I see, it is not.

  10. Thanks! Just ordered a set!