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Waveshare E Ink

New 10.3″ Waveshare E Ink Monitor Released for $539 (Video)

Waveshare has released a new 10.3-inch E Ink monitor that has an HDMI port and supports all versions of Raspberry Pi, along with Jetson Nano and Windows PCs. They’re selling it from the Waveshare website for $539.99 plus shipping. It’s also available on Amazon for $626 with free shipping. Waveshare sells a number of E […]

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Hisense Color E Ink Phone

Hisense to Release First Color E Ink Phone (Video)

Hisense has a new E Ink phone that they’re getting prepared to release later this year. It’s the first to use a color E Ink screen, and a video has turned on YouTube showing the new color E Ink phone in action and it looks pretty cool. According to early reports, the phone will use […]

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Onyx E Ink Phone

Onyx Releasing E Ink Phone with Android 9 and 8-Core CPU (Video)

Onyx is showing off a new E Ink phone at CES that they’re preparing to launch soon. So far it doesn’t have a name and the product shown in the video below is still a prototype, but it’s something new to expect from Onyx in 2020. This is Onyx’s second attempt at an E Ink […]

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Lenovo Thinkbook Plus

Lenovo’s New Thinkbook Plus Laptop with E Ink Screen has Native Kindle Support (Video)

Lenovo is showing off some new laptops at CES this year, and among them is a new model with a secondary E Ink display called the ThinkBook Plus. This isn’t Lenovo’s first device with an E Ink screen. A couple of years ago they released the Yoga Book C930, a dual-screen device with an E […]

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Inkplate 6

Inkplate 6 Makes Use of Recycled Kindle Screens for DIY E Ink Enthusiasts

Another odd-ball open-source DIY project involving E Ink screens has surfaced in the form of the Inkplate 6. Basically they’re using old Kindle screens in conjunction with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipped ESP32 microcontrollers to create a multi-purpose E Ink device that uses Adruino IDE or MycroPython to control the contents on the screen. The idea […]

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Study Shows Blue Light Better Than Warm Light at Night

Ever since a flawed study was published several years ago about how using an iPad at full brightness before bedtime can make it take longer for some folks to fall asleep, the war against blue light has really taken off. App developers and ebook reader manufacturers jumped on the anti blue light bandwagon by offering […]

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Print-Color E Ink

E Ink Releasing New “Print-Color” Screens for eReaders and Notebooks

E Ink is going to attempt to get another color ebook reader on the market (hopefully things go better than last time with the Jetbook Color), and some color E Ink e-notebooks too. E Ink recently announced that they’ve developed a new color technology called Print-Color E Ink, an offshoot of their ACeP color displays, […]

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The Open Book Project

The Open Book Project Aims to Develop Open Hardware eBook Reader

There’s an interesting article over on Hackaday about how someone is trying to develop an open source ebook reader that doesn’t lock users into a closed platform. As the The Open Book Project page at github describes it, “The Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can build […]

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