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Eewrite E-Pad

New 10.3-inch E Ink E-Pad Tablet Has 4G and Deca-Core Processor

Lately it seems like several companies are trying to replicate the success of the Remarkable paper tablet that was released in 2017. The Eewrite E-Pad is the latest 10.3-inch E Ink device that claims to double as a digital reading device and notepad, and it’s the first to support 4G and come with a SIM […]

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Hisense A6 E Ink Phone

Hisense A6 Smartphone with E Ink Screen Looks Nice (Videos)

Hisense released their 3rd dual screen Android smartphone with an E Ink screen last fall and it looks like it’s possibly the best E Ink phone yet. Unfortunately it’s not sold in the United States and appears to only be available in China from websites most people have never heard of before, but as far […]

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Sans Forgetica

Sans Forgetica Font Claims to Help You Remember What You Read

There’s a new font type called Sans Forgetica that was scientifically designed by academics at RMIT University to help enhance memory retention of digital text. I saw this topic mentioned over at MobileRead the other day and thought it was interesting, especially since it’s easy to sideload alternative fonts on ebook readers like Kindles and […]

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Kyocera Card-Keitai E Ink Phone

Kyocera Card-Keitai E Ink Android Phone (Video)

Not very many interesting E Ink devices have turned up at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in recent years, but at least there are a couple of new things to talk about this year. One interesting new device is the Kyocera Card-Keitai, which is a tiny E Ink phone that was recently […]

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Onyx Stylus Tips

New Stylus Tips for Onyx Note and Max2 Offer More Paper-like Feel

Onyx has started selling some new stylus tips for the Onyx Boox Note series and the Max2. The tips supposedly offer a more paper-like writing experience than the original hard plastic stylus tips, and Onyx claims they won’t scratch the screen even when not using a screen protector. The new Boox stylus tips are available […]

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Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Lenovo Yoga Book C930 2-in-1 with E Ink Screen Now Available

A couple months ago Lenovo unveiled a new dual-screen Yoga Book that features an LCD screen and an E Ink screen. The E Ink screen doubles as a keyboard, a writing pad using an included stylus, and an ereader, although I think it only supports PDFs at the moment. The new Lenovo Yoga Book C930 […]

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Remarkable Update

Remarkable Software Update Adds Text Conversion and Improves PDF Handling

There’s a new major software update available for the Remarkable Paper Tablet that adds some new features and supposedly improves PDF reading. The main thing the new update adds is the ability to convert handwritten text into typed text with a single tap. That’s a pretty cool feature but it’s still in its early stages […]

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Dasung Not eReader

New Dasung “Not-eReader” is a Multipurpose E Ink Device

A first look at a new product from Dasung turned up on YouTube today. Dasung has been making E Ink monitors for the past few years with their Paperlike line. Now it looks like they’re going to release an E Ink tablet of sorts soon. The device sports an unusual name, the Dasung Not-eReader. The […]

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