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The Open Book Project

The Open Book Project Aims to Develop Open Hardware eBook Reader

There’s an interesting article over on Hackaday about how someone is trying to develop an open source ebook reader that doesn’t lock users into a closed platform. As the The Open Book Project page at github describes it, “The Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can build […]

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MobiScribe Wacom Stylus

MobiScribe Wacom Stylus only $25 on Amazon

I’ve just come across the least expensive Wacom stylus I’ve ever seen that’s compatible with many of the E Ink notepads out there. At $24.99 with free shipping, this MobiScribe Wacom Stylus costs less than half the price of some similar styluses on the market. Even replacement styluses that you can order from China on […]

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E Ink Ghosting

Seeing Faint Background Text on eBook Readers is Normal

Those that are new to E Ink ebook readers like Kindles, Kobos and Nooks often ask if it’s normal to see faint text from previous pages on the background of the screen. The effect is entirely normal with E Ink screens, to a certain extent, and it is often referred to as ghosting. E Ink […]

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Onyx Reading Light

New Onyx Boox Reading Light is a Blast from the Past

Onyx has started selling a new Boox reading light. It’s the kind that you wear around your neck that rests on your chest with the light pointing outward. Seeing it is like traveling back in time to when ebook readers didn’t have frontlights. Back then ebook reader reading lights were quite common. Fittingly the pictures […]

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E Ink 2019

E Ink Booth Tour Showing Latest Products at CEATEC 2019 (Video)

Every year Charbax uploads at least one YouTube video showing the current state of E Ink with an in-depth video tour of E Ink’s latest products. This year things are starting to become more interesting again. E Ink has a lot of products branching out into several different markets, and with advances in color E […]

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Hisense A5 E Ink Smartphone

A Closer Look at Hisense A5 E Ink Smartphone (Video)

A couple of weeks ago we got the first look at a new upcoming smartphone from Hisense with an E Ink screen called the Hisense A5, along with a new dual-screen A6L model. Now there’s another YouTube video with a closer look at the Hisense A5, although it’s not in English. It was posted by […]

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MobiScribe Now Available on Amazon – 6.8″ E Ink Notepad and eReader

I recently came across a listing for the MobiScribe over on Amazon. For some reason it’s located in the office products section so it’s not exactly easy to find. The MobiScribe was first introduced back in January via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The device is somewhat similar to Likebooks and Onyx’s ereaders in that […]

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Hisense A5 E Ink

Hisense Releasing New A5 E Ink Phone for €100? (Video)

Hisense has released three dual screen smartphones over the past few years that have an E Ink screen on one side of the phone and an LCD screen on the other side. The Hisense A6 is their most recent model, and now they’ve got a newer version, the Hisense A6L, with some upgrades. Hisense also […]

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