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Kobo Buttons

Kobo Glo HD Gets Page Buttons with This Mod (Video)

I recently came across an interesting post where someone took a Kobo Glo HD, which was discontinued three years ago but would still be relevant on the market today, and added page turn buttons to it with a relatively simple mod. The full outline and directions can be found here. It goes to show that […]

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Naruto eOneBook

Naruto eOneBook Dual-Screen E Ink Manga Reader on Kickstarter (Video)

The eOneBook is one of the most unique E Ink devices ever created. It’s designed specifically for reading manga. It has two 7.8-inch E Ink screens and a book-like design. In fact it looks just like a hardcover book when closed, complete with a dust jacket. The eOneBook first came out over a year ago […]

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Kingrow K1

Video Review Showing Kingrow K1 E Ink Smartphone

One of the first video reviews showing the new Kingrow K1 smartphone recently turned up on YouTube. The Kingrow K1 is a specialized Android-powered phone with a 5.2-inch E Ink screen. Unlike regular LCD phones it’s easily readable outside in bright sunlight, and it doesn’t emit blue light, although it does have a frontlight. The […]

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Flexible ACeP

Can E Ink’s Color ACeP Displays Be a Viable Option for eReaders?

Back in 2016 E Ink unveiled their latest generation color screens called ACeP displays, which stands for Advanced Color ePaper. E Ink has mostly been marketing their color displays for digital signage, but could they eventually develop ACeP displays to use with ereaders too? E Ink had a 13.3-inch 300 ppi ACeP concept demo on […]

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Clearink 2

Closer Look at Clearink’s 2.0 Color ePaper (Video)

Charbax has uploaded a long, detailed video showing Clearink’s latest Color ePaper 2.0 from SID Display Week 2019. Clearink is a new low-power color display technology that is attempting to take a bite out of the LCD market, largely as part of the education sector with tablets and basic laptops. Lenovo recently invested in Clearink […]

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Remarkable Marker Signature

New Wacom Stylus Released for Remarkable Tablet

Last week the folks at Remarkable released a new black anodized aluminium stylus for the Remarkable Paper tablet. The new stylus is called the Marker Signature, and it’s available from the Remarkable store for $99. It seems pricey but considering the fact they sell the original white plastic stylus for $79, a $20 increase for […]

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Kingrow K1 E Ink Smartphone

Kingrow K1 E Ink Smartphone Now Available to Pre-Order

Kingrow has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their new Kingrow K1 smartphone that we first saw last month. It’s available to pre-order on Indiegogo for $349, $299 for early orders. The device is expected to start shipping in August 2019. Unlike a typical smartphone that uses an LCD screen, the Kingrow K1 is a specialized […]

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EeWrite E-Pad X

EeWrite E-Pad X First Dual Screen Tablet with E Ink Display (Video)

It looks like the makers of the new 10.3-inch E Ink E-Pad tablet that’s available on Indiegogo right now already have a new project in the works. EeWrite is looking to be the first company to release a dual screen tablet with a color LCD screen on one side and a monochrome E Ink screen […]

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