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MobiScribe Now Available on Amazon – 6.8″ E Ink Notepad and eReader

I recently came across a listing for the MobiScribe over on Amazon. For some reason it’s located in the office products section so it’s not exactly easy to find. The MobiScribe was first introduced back in January via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The device is somewhat similar to Likebooks and Onyx’s ereaders in that […]

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Hisense A5 E Ink

Hisense Releasing New A5 E Ink Phone for €100? (Video)

Hisense has released three dual screen smartphones over the past few years that have an E Ink screen on one side of the phone and an LCD screen on the other side. The Hisense A6 is their most recent model, and now they’ve got a newer version, the Hisense A6L, with some upgrades. Hisense also […]

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Reversible Micro USB Cable

Reversible Micro USB Cables Are Vastly Underrated

Some of you will already know about this, but I would wager that most people still don’t know about the convenience of reversible micro USB cables since 99% of devices with micro USB ports come with a standard cheap cable. As the name implies, reversible micro USB cables can be connected both ways, up or […]

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Color E Ink

Color E Ink Screens are Finally Getting Better (Video)

Whether or not we’ll ever see a mainstream ebook reader with a color E Ink screen still remains to be seen, but color E Ink has come a long way in recent years. Soon after E Ink first introduced their color Triton displays in 2010, a product called the Jetbook Color was released and it […]

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Eewrite E-Pad

E Ink Screens Still on the Decline, Report Suggests

Last year E Ink revealed to investors that they expected the market for ereader displays to be down through 2018, and that proved to be true, but they expected things to improve in 2019. In fact here’s the quote from last year: “We still believe e-readers are a business with consistent growth. This year is […]

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Audible Captions

Soon You’ll Be Able to Read Audible Audiobooks (Video)

Audible recently revealed a new feature they’re working on called Audible Captions that basically adds computer-generated captions to audiobooks so that you can read along while listening to the audiobook, similar to Amazon’s Immersion Reading feature. The Audible Captions feature is expected to come to the Audible app for Android and iOS this September in […]

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Kobo Buttons

Kobo Glo HD Gets Page Buttons with This Mod (Video)

I recently came across an interesting post where someone took a Kobo Glo HD, which was discontinued three years ago but would still be relevant on the market today, and added page turn buttons to it with a relatively simple mod. The full outline and directions can be found here. It goes to show that […]

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Naruto eOneBook

Naruto eOneBook Dual-Screen E Ink Manga Reader on Kickstarter (Video)

The eOneBook is one of the most unique E Ink devices ever created. It’s designed specifically for reading manga. It has two 7.8-inch E Ink screens and a book-like design. In fact it looks just like a hardcover book when closed, complete with a dust jacket. The eOneBook first came out over a year ago […]

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