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Yoga Book C930

New Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Has E Ink Screen (Video)

Today Lenovo unveiled the Lenovo Yoga Book C930, which combines an LCD screen and an E Ink screen into a foldable notebook type of device with a flexible hinge connecting the two screens. The Yoga Book C930 is a lot like the dual screen Tiger Rapids PC that Intel showed off earlier this summer. The […]

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Intel PC E Ink

Intel’s Tiger Rapids Dual Screen PC has E Ink Screen (Video)

For the past two years Intel has been working on a new concept PC with a two-screen design, although I don’t know why they’re calling it a PC when it’s clearly more like a tablet or digital notebook. The device is code-named Tiger Rapids, and it’s basically a foldable notebook with an LCD screen on […]

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Yotaphone 3

YotaPhone 3 Dual Screen E Ink Smartphone for $499

The YotaPhone was one of the first smartphones to use a dual-screen design to add an E Ink display to the backside of a phone. Now in its third generation, the YotaPhone is still around, at least in some parts of the world. The YotaPhone 2 was never officially brought to the US and it […]

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Paperlike 3

New Paperlike 3 E Ink Monitor on Indiegogo for $900

The Paperlike 3, aka the Paperlike HD, is the latest 13.3-inch E Ink monitor from Dasung. Last week they put the Paperlike 3 up on Indiegogo for customers to place orders. It’s expected to ship next month in July so at least the wait isn’t as long as usual with these type of crowdfunding campaigns. […]

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The State of E Ink at SID Display Week 2018 (Video)

Charbax is back with another video interview showing E Ink’s current range of products at this year’s Display Week convention in Los Angeles. Not much has changed since the last time we saw E Ink demo their electrophoretic displays at a trade show, but they cover a wide range of products in this video. Flexible […]

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ClearInk Prototype

ClearInk Shows Off Disappointing Color Screens at Display Week

ClearInk is a low-power color display technology with hopes of becoming an alternative to E Ink and LCD displays. Unfortunately ClearInk still looks like it’s a long ways off yet, if it ever makes it to the market at all. A number of similar low-power color displays have come along in the past 10 years […]

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Onyx Boox Screen Protector

Onyx Boox Note and Max2, Use Screen Protectors to Avoid Scratches

There have been a few reports of the stylus causing scratches on the screen of the Onyx Boox Max2 and the Boox Note. Some folks have mentioned the issue in reviews at Amazon and in a few different threads at MobileRead. However, there’s conflicting evidence in the form of this YouTube video that shows the […]

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Pomera Pocket Typewriter with E Ink Screen

A unique E Ink writing device called the Pomera is headed to the Unites States later this year if its crowdfunding campaign gets funded. A company called King Jim has been selling their line of E Ink typewriters in Japan for the past decade, and now they’re trying to bring their pocket typewriter to the […]

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