Kobo’s eBook Readers Can Be Returned at Walmart Within 90 Days

Kobo Libra

Here’s something I wasn’t sure of until now. When you buy a Kobo ereader from Walmart, it is subject to Walmart’s standard return policy of 90 days.

If you buy one in a retail store it’s 90 days from the date of purchase; if you buy online it’s 90 days from the time the Kobo is delivered.

Kobo devices purchased from Walmart can be returned in Walmart stores or by going online and initiating a return by mail through your Walmart account.

Walmart’s 90 day return policy is considerably better than Kobo’s return policy.

When purchasing a Kobo ereader directly from Kobo’s website, the return period is 30 days from purchase.

Kindles have a standard 30-day return policy as well (from the time of delivery) when purchased from Amazon, unless you buy them during the holiday shopping season when Amazon has extended returns through the end of January.

The Walmart Kobo partnership has been less than stellar to this point, but at least returns are easier if you encounter a problem.

I have to return the new Kobo Libra H2O because the frontlight isn’t very good on the one I got. I’ve been delaying the review because I thought about replacing it, but I’ve decided against playing the frontlight lottery. It is what it is.

7 Responses to “Kobo’s eBook Readers Can Be Returned at Walmart Within 90 Days”

  1. Lol! I called it on the bad frontlight and took a lot of heat for it. Kobo never gets the frontlight right. You’d think they’d just take apart a device that does it well, and just do the exact same thing. Two great frontlights were released just this year, the Nook Glowlight Plus and the Kindle Oasis 3.

  2. Walmart’s standard return is 90 days but only 15 for electronics. Have you found anything that specifies Kobos are different?

  3. My Libra came directly from Kobo and the screen and front light is perfect. Much better than the Forma and Aura One.

  4. I can say that every new device Kobo introduces seems to have issues at first. And the larger the screen, the harder it is to nail down frontlighting. When the Clara was first released, there was a ‘light bleed’ issue. That seems to have been fixed. When the Forma was first released, there seemed to be a bar down the side that was lit differently than the rest of the screen. I haven’t paid as much attention to the Libra, but I’m sure reading around, people have nots to pick there. Just remember, most devices won’t have those issues, even in the early days. Otherwise they would be reported a lot more widely than on just this forum.