Get 50% off 6 Months of Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited Deal

Amazon has started another Kindle Unlimited gift promotion where you can get access to their library of ebooks, audiobooks, comics and magazines at a significant discount.

The new Kindle Unlimited gift deal takes 50% off the regular price of a 6-month subscription, taking the price from $59.94 down to $29.97.

The 6-month offer has been 20% off for the past several months, but now it’s even better being able to get it for 50% off.

The offer applies to new and existing subscriptions; it’s a gift deal but it can be applied to your own KU account.

They also have 12-month and 24-month subscriptions discounted as well but at a lower rate, the same rate they’ve been at for awhile now. 12 months is 33% off and 24 months is 40% off.

Kindle Unlimited works with Kindle apps so you don’t have to own a Kindle to use it. You get unlimited access to a catalog of over 1 million ebooks, and you can have up to 10 downloaded at one time. The KU catalog also includes a few thousand audiobooks, along with other digital content like comics and magazines.

Kindle Unlimited Gift Deal

4 Responses to “Get 50% off 6 Months of Kindle Unlimited”

  1. When I click on either link, I’m not seeing the gift deal. I see the header and footer from Amazon but the content is blank. (I’m signed in and a current Kindle Unlimited subscriber.)

  2. So when I buy, it asks me what date to deliver… So my thinking is that I can buy 2 – 6m memberships to equal a year at a better savings?