$50 Walmart eBook Gift Card for Kobo eBooks On Sale for $40

Walmart eBooks Gift Card

I happened to notice that Walmart is currently selling $50 Walmart eBook gift cards for only $40.

They can be redeemed at Kobo to purchase ebooks since all Walmart does is funnel ebook sales to Kobo’s website with a Walmart logo on it.

So basically you can get $50 worth of ebooks for $40, or more if you want to buy multiple gift cards.

It’s like being able to buy any ebooks that you want for 20% off.

Considering that most ebooks from big publishers are rarely discounted, this is one of the best Kobo deals in a long time. That probably means it’s a mistake and they’ll correct the price soon.

All of Walmart’s other ebook and audiobook gift cards for Kobo are priced normally; the $50 card is the only one being discounted.

They show the list price is $65, which is clearly a fabrication because they’ve never sold them for that much.

The Walmart in my area never sold Kobo ereaders but they used to have a display for ebook cards and gift cards, but they removed all that awhile ago. Some stores may have some gift cards still in stock, but who knows if they are being discounted in stores or not.

Walmart eBook Gift Card

2 Responses to “$50 Walmart eBook Gift Card for Kobo eBooks On Sale for $40”

  1. Walmart charges tax on the card does Kobo charge taxes again? If so I’m not getting a tiny discount ;(