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Kindle Create MS Word

How to Use Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word (Video)

Awhile back KDP released a new manuscript and publishing tool called Kindle Create to help authors and publishers turn manuscripts into properly-formatted Kindle ebooks and paperbacks to offer through Kindle Direct Publishing. Kindle Create is a standalone program for PC and Mac, and there’s also a Kindle Create add-in for Microsoft Word (2010 and newer). […]

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Kindle Create

How to Use Kindle Create to Convert Word Documents to Kindle eBooks (Video)

Kindle Create is a new tool that was recently released for Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing platform, along with the Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word. Kindle Create is a free program designed to help transform a manuscript written in Microsoft Word or PDF format into a nicely-formatted Kindle ebook that’s ready to sell in the […]

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