Kindle Trade-In Promo Adds $20 Bonus Toward New Kindle Purchase

Kindle Trade In Promo

Amazon has started a new trade-in promotion where customers can trade an old Kindle, even a non-working one, to get a gift card plus a $20 bonus credit toward the purchase of a new Kindle.

To be clear, this offer includes Kindle ereaders only, not Fire tablets. But all older Kindles are included, all the way back to the Kindle 1 up to the Paperwhite 2.

The $20 bonus credit applies toward the purchase of any of the current Kindles, including the entry-level model, the Paperwhite 3, the Kindle Voyage, and Kids Kindle bundle.

The trade-in value varies widely from each Kindle but all have a base value of at least $5 for non-working Kindles, which isn’t much by itself but for those looking to upgrade the $20 credit is a nice incentive.

Some of the older devices aren’t even worth considering trading in without the $20 bonus credit. For example, they’ve got the Kindle DX priced at only $5 even if it’s in perfect condition—you’d be much better off selling it on eBay.

But others have pretty good trade-in value, like the Kindle 5 for $33.60. The Kindle Keyboard is priced at $30, so with the bonus that could take $50 off the price of a new Kindle Paperwhite or Voyage. I know a lot of people still really like their Kindle Keyboard, however, but if the battery is starting to go bad now is a good time to trade it in and upgrade to a newer model.

Here’s the link to the Kindle Trade-In Promo page at Amazon with all the details and fine print.

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  1. I traded in my Kindle Keyboard because I really want a built in light. It’s still processing, so I’m waiting to see if it’s accepted. If not, it will get sent back to me free of charge.

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