How to Install Google Play on 2017 Fire Tablets in 5 Minutes (Video)

Fire Tablet Play Store

Amazon released two new Fire tablets this week, the Fire HD 8 and Fire 7, and it turns out it’s the same simple process to add the Google Play Store and Google apps to them as previous Fire tablets.

Both new tablets are considered 7th generation models, but the software is the same as the 5th and 6th gen Fire tablets, so installing Google Play works the same exact way.

It literally takes about 5 minutes to complete from start to finish, and it can be accomplished directly from a stock Fire tablet without having to install anything else first.

You don’t need to use a computer or root the tablet first; all you have to do is install 4 Google apps.

Anyone can do it, and if you decide later that you don’t want Google Play on your tablet you can do a factory reset to wipe everything clean and make the tablet like it was when you first got it.

This is the same exact process as earlier models and will work on any Fire tablet running Fire OS 5.x and up. To check your tablet’s OS version go to Settings > Device Options > System Updates. The new Fire tablets are running and are confirmed to work with the below method.

How to Install Google Play on Fire Tablets

Step #1: Prepare Your Fire Tablet

Go to Settings > Security > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources (this will prompt a warning message—that’s normal).

Step #2: Download Google Apps

Now it’s time to download 4 separate apk app files. The easiest way is to use the Fire tablet’s silk web browser. Just make sure to install them in the order they are listed below.

It’s easiest to install the apps one at a time as they download. Just tap the download notification to prompt install. If you miss the notification, swipe left from the browser’s screen to open the menu and select downloads.

These apps must be installed in the following order:

1. Google Account Manager

2. Google Services Framework

3. Google Play Services

4. Google Play Store

Step #3: Restart and Sign-in

After installing the Google apps above you need to shutdown and restart your Fire tablet before using the Play Store app.

After restarting, simply launch the Google Play app and sign-in to your Google account. That’s it. Enjoy!

via: XDA Forums

65 Responses to “How to Install Google Play on 2017 Fire Tablets in 5 Minutes (Video)”

  1. Thank you. Simple to the point instruction.

    Not having the Google Play Store is my #1 complaint with the Fire Tablets.

    • I’m happy I found this article.. I too was so mad that I could not download Google Play Store there are 3 apps that I need but they are housed in the GPStore.. Hope these steps will solve the problem

  2. Thank you,

    I have followed this download list before, and it works very well.

    I can get apps that I need that are not available on Amazon.

    Plus the apps I do get are not gateways for unwanted popups.

    I have it now on my brand new Kindle Fire HD 8 which I got yesterday on pre-order.

    Works great.


  3. Hi and thanks. Works on Fire 7 7th gen but had to open google play after it installed rather than just restart, awesome!

  4. Hey im having an issue installing thw downloads. For some reason when I go to hit “install” it doesnt install. I have the new hd 8 2017 tablet running fire os 5.4 please help.

  5. Hi Darla, I had the same problem. I simply shut the tablet down then left it for 5 mins and restarted it.It then worked fine with all downloads.All working fine now and loads of apps. 😀

  6. This guide worked like a charm. I didn’t have any issues. Once you enable apps from “unknown sources” you can install the 4 apk files, then restart the tablet and open up google play so that you can input your Google credentials.

  7. Thanks so much for the tutorial and thanks Darla for asking my question for me! I am one happy camper right now.

  8. I did this but I for are the files or apps anywhere in my tablet. How do I find it? When I follow your links it says there are new versions available so I just guessed which ones to do. Is this why I can’t find it?

  9. Hi

    All done, but Google Inbox and Gmail apps crash on launch. Any ideas? Anyone go them to work?


    • Maybe try restarting the tablet? Gmail works on my 2015 Fire but I didn’t want email on the new ones so didn’t try it but it shouldn’t be any different.

      • No joy with Inbox although Gmail seems OK. The only thing I didn’t do was reboot after installing the 4 packages – I just went straight to the Google Play store app. Should I repeat the process but this time reboot first? Thanks

        • I don’t know. I’ve only ever done it as described and have never encountered any problems so I’m not much good for troubleshooting.

  10. I tried it on my son’s 2016 model that we Google-enabled last year and it doesn’t work on that either so must be incompatible…

  11. we tried to install the gmail app but it works for for a bit and will crash. is there a way to stabilize?

  12. Yes, gmail keeps crashing on my new Fire 8 (2017). Re-installed the sequence a few times as well as gmail. All other apps work fine. Playstore downloads other apps, including google apps that work perfectly well. Anyone know of a fix?

    • I just ordered a Fire 8, so haven’t tried anything yet. Just a possibility – you could try the MyMail app, which can work with gmail and other mail providers. On an Ipad, it allows printing to Airprint printers, which Gmail does not, so it’s more advanced in at least that way.

      • The person is unlikely going to see your comment, but whatever problem there was with the Gmail app worked itself out because it works fine now.

  13. Likewise. gmail starts, loads inbox, then immediately closes. Have done this over and over. I notice a message when opening the Google apps with several that there is an updated version available and I see many variants at the bottom of the page. Pewrhaps one of these later (or earlier?) versions will work properly. Very disappointed that this is not functioning as expected.

  14. Hello, great article. Agree, this fixes the biggest problem with an Amazon tablet – only having the Amazon app store games. I use FreeTime for my kids. Do you know if you can expose a game from the Google Play Store to a kid though FreeTime?

  15. I’m having a huge problem here: the “install” button at the end of the page, just doesn’t work. I click on it, but nothing happens. Yes, I allowed apps from unknown sources… and the very first one, google account manager, already has this problem. Maybe folks at Amazon blocked it already? any suggestions? tks a lot!

  16. Which version of Play services do I download?

  17. Super excited for this. Just ordered 3 kids HD 8 tabets and I am Def gonna do this before the kids even get to use them. I am not techy at all but sounds easy enough

  18. I followed the instructions but unfortunately, it just says Download pending for everything I try to download.

  19. Thanks lots for this, this’ll help make my new yellow Kindle even more awesome! 😀 To make the process easier for myself, I made a tinyurl for this page, thought I’d add it here to help out others too. Feel free to update your post with it if you think it’s handy. The tiny url is:

  20. I did everything step by step but play store crashes after awhile

  21. I keep clicking download a it takes me to an error page saying something about rate limits. can anyone help

  22. Your explanation was fantastic and everything worked great;I have been downloading apps from the Play Store ever since.
    Honestly, it’s hard to beat getting an 8 inch tablet that has all the Amazon features AND that with your help I have been able to turn into a very decent Android tablet.
    I keep recommending your blog to all my friends with questions about e-readers and tablets. Thanks again.

  23. I just tried this and it worked beautifully. Thank you very much for this helpful link.
    Curious though: With new updates and versions constantly being pushed out for Google Play services and Play store, etc., will the updates occur automatically or do they need to be manually installed (similar to the way outlined above but with newer versions of the files)?

    • I have this same question as I now consistently receive the notification, “Google Play services won’t run unless you update Google Play services.” I cannot find a way to manually kick off an update for Play services…

  24. New fire hd 8 here. Upgraded to 5.4.0 then run the install as per instructions.

    Tapping the google app, screen dims like play store is going to start, then fails to start the app. Reset the fire hd 8 and started from scratch – same result.

    There’s also a google settings app that’s been installed – that’s working.

    Any advice for a newbie to the Amazon tablet world?

    • Surprised at the lack of suggestions of help.

      Here’s what I did to fix it. Searched you tube and used the same software versions as he choose. 3 of the 4 are the lAtest but 1 of them aS an earlier version. Works now.

  25. Thanks very much! Everything working perfectly! Best regards. (Hugo, Brazil).

  26. Thank you so much took a second to figure out how to open up google play b/c there is no icon got it working though. was really regretting my purchase but now everything should be ok.

  27. Got it to install but Google play store won’t open even after restarting it.

  28. Hi there,

    I followed these instructions and similar ones I found on YouTube. Everything installed and I’ve been able to download and run apps from the Google Play store on my new Kindle Fire 8 HD. The only problem I’m having is, I installed an old version of Google Play after I read that Google Play will auto-update itself to the latest version. My version of Google Play, however, hasn’t auto-updated and I can’t find a way to manually force it to update. I did turn off “install unknown apps” after I installed the APKs. Does this need to remain on for the auto-update to work? Or am I missing something else? Thanks.

    • Stu, go back on this link for youtube instructions & there is a part where it tells you that you must activate a certain download section so it does auto installs

  29. This is awesomely perfect and so easy!!! I was very scared and intimidated to try doing this but it was quick, simple and easy! Thank you so much!!

  30. Well done, brilliantly easy, works exactly as shown. Just remember that REBOOT.
    Many thanks

  31. Problem parsing package?

  32. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Your steps were concise and very easy to follow. Look forward to more material from you.

  33. I tried to open the downloaded google account manager and I all get are parsing error after several restarts.

  34. Paul, I had the parsing error too on the google account manager. I finally just went on with downloading the other 3 apps, restarted, and all was well. I have a new fire HD 8 that got as a gift a week ago.

  35. OK I went on YouTube & found this article with video instructions by Kevin Breeze & it worked great for me..Downloads took easily & I found the apps I wanted & downloaded them too.. This Kindle is very sensitive to the touch..

  36. While I like a little short on the love side my Kindle HD8 2017 I think I will still go & buy an iPad Mini4 I like the Apple store contents & less hassle..

  37. I can’t get it to let me install. I tapped on the first one install comes up I click on it and nothing. Any suggestions

  38. I downloaded, but when I click on the downloaded packages, fire says the package has a parsing error. I have shut down and restarted. Any other recommendations?

  39. No. I bought a new HD8 just last month.

  40. THANK YOU!!! you’re a life saver.

  41. Running smooth as glass! Once I realized that each step needed to be installed separately all went well. Thanks a bunch for this one!

  42. I followed all directions and installed the 4 apps in the correct order. Then I restarted. I can see the Google Play store icon, but when I tap it, there is nothing in it – just a blank screen. Help!

  43. same for me too. All I get are parsing errors. and YES I’m running Fire OS I double checked. I’ve been able to install on a previous kindle using this method and it worked beautifully, this time…not so much.

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