Fire HD 8 Tablet Text-to-Speech Demo (Video)

New Fire HD 8

One of the unique features with Fire tablets is the ability to use text-to-speech to read Kindle ebooks aloud.

Not all Kindle books support TTS but most do. There’s a note on the product details page for each Kindle book that says if it supports text-to-speech or not.

TTS also works on sideloaded books and documents that you send to your Kindle account, and even on MOBI books downloaded with the web browser.

There are a number of voices that you can install, depending on the language.

I like the United Kingdom male voice better than the default voice; it sounds a bit more natural.

You can change the text-to-speech reading speed but it seems to sound best at the default 1x setting.

The TTS features on Fire tablets work a lot better than the screen reading feature on Kindle ereaders. If you want good TTS Fire tablets are the way to go and they’re a lot cheaper than Kindles anyway, and the larger batteries last much longer for audio playback.

However, the speaker volume on both the $49 Fire tablet and $79 Fire HD 8 is very low. Unless you’re listening in a quite room you’re going to need some headphones or speakers.

Here’s a video demo showing how text-to-speech sounds and works on Fire tablets. All the current models have the same TTS features and so do the older ones.

Fire Tablets Text-to-Speech Demo Review

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  1. How come the US American male voices sound like robots (like having Stephen Hawking reading to you) and the British voices sound so much natural?

  2. I love text to speech. But not in the tablets, the Echo is the best way to go. With Unlimited and Echo who needs Audible.

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