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Nook Audiobooks

B&N Launches Nook Audiobooks App, Comes With 2 Free Audiobooks

Barnes and Noble has announced the release of a new audiobook app for Android phones and tablets called NOOK Audiobooks. B&N claims that their audiobook catalog consists of over 50,000 titles, with free samples available on a wide selection of them. B&N is emphasizing a no-commitment type of selling environment, unlike’s monthly subscription plans […]

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Nook GlowLight

B&N Drops Nook GlowLight to $99; Weekend Sale on Nook Galaxy Tablets

Barnes and Noble released a press release today announcing a permanent price drop on the Nook GlowLight and a weekend sale on Nook Galaxy tablets. The Nook GlowLight turned one year old this month. Since its release it has sold for $119, the same price as the base Kindle Paperwhite. As of November 21st, the […]

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BN Sync Up

B&N Offering $5 eBooks with the Purchase of Paperbacks

Barnes and Noble has introduced a new promotion called B&N Sync Up where they are giving customers the option to buy the ebook copy of a book for $4.99 when purchasing the paperback version. The deal is being offered at Barnes and Noble retail stores only; you don’t get the same deal when purchasing books […]

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Nook Magazines

OverDrive Partners with Nook to Bring Digital Magazines and Newspapers to Libraries

Soon library patrons throughout the United States and United Kingdom will be able to access hundreds of digital magazines and newspapers for free through public libraries using the OverDrive platform. Today OverDrive and Nook Media announced that they’ve collaborated to start a new partnership that will bring the most popular digital magazines and newspapers from […]

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Nook for PC

How to Download Nook eBooks Now That B&N has Removed the Option

It looks like B&N is intent on ticking off what little Nook customers they have left. Lots of reports are coming out online, and in Barnes and Noble’s own Nook support forum, about how B&N has removed the option to download Nook ebooks to a computer for backup from their website. Many people are reacting […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

First Look at Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook (Videos)

Earlier today Barnes & Noble unveiled their new co-branded tablet with Samsung, called the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. Ever since the partnership was first announced, we knew that B&N would be using Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 hardware, the big question was what would B&N do to customize the software. After watching some hands-on YouTube […]

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Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Released, Comes with $200 Free Content

Today Barnes & Noble and Samsung introduced their new co-branded Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablet. It’s basically a copy of the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 that I reviewed a few months ago, but with custom Nook software tweaks. The retail price is the same as the Galaxy Tab 4: the list price is $199 […]

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Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Getting Unveiled August 20th

Samsung and Barnes & Noble have teamed up to sell a co-branded tablet called the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, and both parties have just scheduled an unveiling event on Wednesday, August 20th. Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will be shown at the event, which is being held in New York. There’s […]

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Nook GlowLight

Nook GlowLight Arrives in the UK a Day Late and a Dollar Short

Barnes and Noble, the self-proclaimed leading retailer of “content, digital media and educational products”, made a surprise announcement today. Apparently the Nook GlowLight still exists and has finally made its way to the United Kingdom. It turns out that Barnes and Noble is still using old school wooden boats with oars and sails to transport […]

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Barnes and Noble is Breaking up With Nook

Barnes and Noble announced today that they are splitting up with Nook. The divorce could get messy, but they still plan to work together after the separation…for the kids. The analogy may sound a bit weird but that’s pretty much exactly what’s happening. B&N plans to separate their Barnes & Noble Retail business and Nook […]

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