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B&N Releasing New Nook Tablet for $49, a Fire Tablet Clone

Today Barnes & Noble announced the upcoming release of a new Nook Tablet that’s basically a clone of the current $49 Fire tablet from Amazon. The new Nook Tablet is not a Samsung-branded device like Barnes & Noble’s other tablets. Instead they went the cheaper route to get the price competitive with Amazon’s offerings. The […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A Nook

B&N Releases Samsung Galaxy Tab A Nook

Kobo wasn’t the only company to announce the release of new ereaders yesterday, B&N also announced the release of a new Nook. Except this is Barnes and Noble that we’re talking about so it’s a Nook in name only, and it’s not exactly new since it has been on the market for over 4 months. […]

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Nook GlowLight Plus

Is B&N Ever Going to Give up on Nook?

Lots and lots of customers and potential customers have completely given up on the Nook brand as whole, but is Barnes and Noble ever going to give up on Nook? Honestly, at this point, I would’ve thought that B&N would’ve closed the doors on their Nook business by now. To me it’s totally surprising that […]

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Waterproof Nook GlowLight Plus Refurbs Selling for $89

The Nook GlowLight Plus is Barnes and Noble’s latest Nook that was released in October 2015. It has a waterproof design, a 300 ppi E Ink screen, and a durable aluminum frame. The Nook GlowLight Plus sells for $129 new, but you can shave $40 off that price by getting a certified refurbished version instead. […]

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Nook Closing

Nook Store Closing in UK, B&N Sending eBook Accounts to Sainsbury’s

It’s happening again. Another ebook store is closing and customer accounts are getting sent over to a different company. No one is going to be surprised when they hear that Barnes and Noble has decided to close the UK branch of the Nook store. That is what’s happening on March 15th, 2016. The Nook Team […]

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Nook Trade In

Nook Trade In Promo for $50 Credit Toward Galaxy Tab

Barnes and Noble has a new trade in deal running from now until March 5th, 2016. You can trade your old Nook in for $50 off the price of a new Nook Galaxy tablet. There are three different Galaxy tabs, the Galaxy Tab 4, Galaxy Tab E, and the higher-end Galaxy Tab S2. Plus you […]

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Nook GlowLight Plus Update

Nook Glowlight Plus Update Adds Adobe DRM Support, Kind of

The Nook Glowlight Plus was released in October 2015, but it turns out the folks at Barnes and Noble forgot to add Adobe DRM support to this model when it was first launched. It’s taken a couple of months and now the Nook Glowlight Plus finally has Adobe DRM support. Or at least that’s the […]

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Nook Sale Black Friday

Black Friday Deals on Nook Glowlight Plus and Nook Galaxy Tab

Barnes and Noble announced their Black Friday deals today. The new Nook Glowlight Plus is included in the offerings. It will be marked down to $99 from $129. The 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will also be on sale for $99, which is $20 off what it’s currently going for online. The sale prices […]

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