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Siam 7X Dual Screen Phone

Siam 7X Dual Screen Phone with E Ink and Android 5.1

The other day I came across a new dual screen phone over at Amazon that has been out for a few months called the Siam 7X. A few dual screen smartphones and phone cases with E Ink screens have started coming out over the past couple of years. The Yotaphone has become one of the […]

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E Ink Color 2016

E Ink Unveils New Advanced Color ePaper Screens (Video)

Today E Ink announced that they’ve found a way to greatly improve the quality of color E Ink displays. They are calling the new technology “Advanced Color ePaper” or ACeP for short. Basically what it means is they’ve made it so each pixel can produce full color instead of having to use a color filter […]

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Dasung Paperlike

New Videos of 13.3-inch E Ink Monitor Dasung Paperlike

The first 13.3-inch E Ink monitor, the Dasung Paperlike, has reappeared on YouTube in a couple of new videos posted by Dasung Tech. The video description makes mention of it being the “latest” Dasung Paperlike display, so hopefully that means they were able to work out some of the issues with the earlier version. The […]

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iPad Pro vs E Ink

13.3-inch E Ink eReaders Destined to Fail up Against iPad Pro

Large ereaders with 13.3-inch E Ink screens have an uphill battle of epic proportions ahead of them to have any chance at all to carve out a niche in the current market, especailly when they’re up against the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that basically sells for the same price. It’s no wonder that none of the […]

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E Ink 32

Visionect Launches Development Kits for 32-inch E Ink Screens

The folks at Visionect issued a press release today announcing the launch of new development kits for 32-inch E Ink screens. The kits are available in both greyscale E Ink and color E Ink. The color screens support a resolution of 1280 x 720 and the greyscale screens have a resolution of 2560 x 1440. […]

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popslate 2

Popslate 2 Pre-Orders – An iPhone Case with an E Ink Screen and Battery

Popslate is back with their second generation E Ink iPhone case. This time around it has a bigger, higher resolution screen than the original Popslate, and it adds some nifty new features like an added battery that can extend your phone’s usage by up to 9 hours. The Popslate 2 works with the iPhone 6, […]

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Touch 2 vs Glo HD Bright

E Ink Needs to Discontinue Low Resolution Screens

Last week I posted a review of the Kobo Touch 2.0, Kobo’s latest entry-level dedicated ebook reader. My biggest complaint with the device is the screen. It lacks a frontlight and it uses an old low resolution E Ink screen from 4 years ago. I’m working on a comparison between the Kobo Touch 2.0 and […]

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DisplayCover E Ink

Tablet Keyboard Cover With an E Ink Screen (Video)

Here’s something a bit different. The Microsoft Applied Sciences Group has built a prototype of a keyboard cover for tablets that includes a secondary E Ink display that offers some unique new ways to use a tablet and help make productivity easier. It’s called the DisplayCover. It’s a new take on the two displays experiment. […]

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