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E Ink 2019

E Ink Booth Tour Showing Latest Products at CEATEC 2019 (Video)

Every year Charbax uploads at least one YouTube video showing the current state of E Ink with an in-depth video tour of E Ink’s latest products. This year things are starting to become more interesting again. E Ink has a lot of products branching out into several different markets, and with advances in color E […]

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Hisense A5 E Ink Smartphone

A Closer Look at Hisense A5 E Ink Smartphone (Video)

A couple of weeks ago we got the first look at a new upcoming smartphone from Hisense with an E Ink screen called the Hisense A5, along with a new dual-screen A6L model. Now there’s another YouTube video with a closer look at the Hisense A5, although it’s not in English. It was posted by […]

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Color E Ink

Color E Ink Screens are Finally Getting Better (Video)

Whether or not we’ll ever see a mainstream ebook reader with a color E Ink screen still remains to be seen, but color E Ink has come a long way in recent years. Soon after E Ink first introduced their color Triton displays in 2010, a product called the Jetbook Color was released and it […]

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Eewrite E-Pad

E Ink Screens Still on the Decline, Report Suggests

Last year E Ink revealed to investors that they expected the market for ereader displays to be down through 2018, and that proved to be true, but they expected things to improve in 2019. In fact here’s the quote from last year: “We still believe e-readers are a business with consistent growth. This year is […]

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Kingrow K1

Video Review Showing Kingrow K1 E Ink Smartphone

One of the first video reviews showing the new Kingrow K1 smartphone recently turned up on YouTube. The Kingrow K1 is a specialized Android-powered phone with a 5.2-inch E Ink screen. Unlike regular LCD phones it’s easily readable outside in bright sunlight, and it doesn’t emit blue light, although it does have a frontlight. The […]

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Flexible ACeP

Can E Ink’s Color ACeP Displays Be a Viable Option for eReaders?

Back in 2016 E Ink unveiled their latest generation color screens called ACeP displays, which stands for Advanced Color ePaper. E Ink has mostly been marketing their color displays for digital signage, but could they eventually develop ACeP displays to use with ereaders too? E Ink had a 13.3-inch 300 ppi ACeP concept demo on […]

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Kingrow K1 E Ink Smartphone

Kingrow K1 E Ink Smartphone Now Available to Pre-Order

Kingrow has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their new Kingrow K1 smartphone that we first saw last month. It’s available to pre-order on Indiegogo for $349, $299 for early orders. The device is expected to start shipping in August 2019. Unlike a typical smartphone that uses an LCD screen, the Kingrow K1 is a specialized […]

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EeWrite E-Pad X

EeWrite E-Pad X First Dual Screen Tablet with E Ink Display (Video)

It looks like the makers of the new 10.3-inch E Ink E-Pad tablet that’s available on Indiegogo right now already have a new project in the works. EeWrite is looking to be the first company to release a dual screen tablet with a color LCD screen on one side and a monochrome E Ink screen […]

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