Apple iPad Video Tours Up, Release Details

apple ipad

First off, Apple has put up 11 video tours of the iPad here.

The iBooks app looks interesting, indeed. There are several different font sizes and font type options, with 2 page landscape mode and a look-up function that you can use to search terms on the web as well as the built-in dictionary.

There's also a table of contents feature, adjustable lighting, and an iBookstore to buy ebooks, of which the layout looks quite nice.

On a side note, the video shows Stephen King's Under The Dome selling for $14.99. Amazon, Sony, and B&N are still selling it at $9.99 today, 3/29. It'll be interesting to see what the prices are in a few days.

Second, Apple released a press release today stating that the iPad will be available in all 221 US Apple retail stores and most Best Buy stores this Saturday, April 3, beginning at 9 a.m.

Best Buy's stock is rumored to be very limited.

More from the press release:

“Apple retail stores will offer a free Personal Setup service to every customer who buys an iPad at the store, helping them customize their new iPad by setting up their email, loading their favorite apps from the App Store, and more. Also beginning Saturday morning, all US Apple retail stores will host special iPad workshops to help customers learn more about this magical new product.”

Orders for the Wi-Fi iPad are now on back-order and are expected to ship on April 12th.

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