iRex DR-800 Firmware Upgrade (Beta)

iRex has released a Beta version of a firmware upgrade for the iRex DR-800. Visit the iRex blog for the download.

Improvements from v1.0

* 3G Connection Setup time improved by using Qualcomm Network Driver
* Show 3G signal strength on status bar while connected
* Add Notepad application

* Add Advanced Settings, allowing:
o Scribble on PDF documents
o Zoom in PDF documents
o Enable folder-browsing of your SD card
* Adobe 9.1 RMSDK based rendering of PDF and EPUB, including B&N EPUB support and image dithering

* Integrated B&N Creditcard input dialog into the document open flow (ask only if needed)
* Support EPUBs without embedded fonts for e.g. Greek, Polish, Russian
* Add Go To Page function to document viewer
* Move Continue Reading to the first position of the Home screen

* Automatic indexing of Thumbnails and Title/Author metadata (can be disabled in Advanced Settings)
* Added Time Zone selection to the Date/Time Settings
* View Book Information menu function that shows more details for PDF and EPUB
* Fixed issues with EPUB rendering when GUI language is non-English
* Fixed a bug where the Power Management would fail and the battery would drain quickly (related to pagination of PDB and TXT documents)

* Many other bugfixes

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