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iRex DR-800 eBook Reader

Looking Back at the 8″ iRex DR-800 eBook Reader

Ever since the rise of the tablet and the fall of ebook reader prices, innovation in the field of E Ink ebook readers has grown rather stale. Sure, being able to snag an ereader for under $100 is great, but that has essentially thwarted the growth of specialized ereaders and has destroyed the amount of […]

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iRex Back From the Dead, Lost E, Now IRX

Back in early June, iRex Technologies applied for suspension of payments in large part because of disappointing sales in the US. Every media source proclaimed iRex dead and gone, saying they’d gone bankrupt. Well, that wasn’t exactly accurate, as iRex has found a new undisclosed company to partner up with, bringing iRex Technologies back in […]

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iRex Technologies Having Financial Difficulties

In news from the Netherlands, iRex Technologies has applied for suspension of payments because of disappointing sales in the US, which explains why the iRex DR-800 disappeared from Best Buy’s website last week. According to iRex CEO Hans Brons, the situation is not hopeless, but there is no cash and the banks are cautious at […]

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iRex DR800

iRex DR800 Gets New Firmware But Goes Missing in US

After 2 months in the Beta phase, iRex has announced the new Release Candidate 1 firmware update for the DR-800 SG and S. Below is a list of the most notable feature additions and improvements. Visit the iRex blog for information on how to install the firmware update. Update: iRex released another update on June […]

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dr-800 best buy

iRex DR-800 On Sale For $379

Best has the iRex DR-800 marked down to $379 from the usual $399. It still says available online only, not sure why they haven’t gotten them in stores yet, considering it was released back in February.

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iRex DR-800 Firmware Upgrade (Beta)

iRex has released a Beta version of a firmware upgrade for the iRex DR-800. Visit the iRex blog for the download. Improvements from v1.0 * 3G Connection Setup time improved by using Qualcomm Network Driver * Show 3G signal strength on status bar while connected * Add Notepad application * Add Advanced Settings, allowing: o […]

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Ebook Reader Reviews

All the other ebook reader reviews listed predate the existence of this blog, so here’s a list of the most recent. Barnes and Noble Nook Review » Sony PRS-900 Review » Sony PRS-900 PDF Review » iRex DR-800 Review » Sony PRS-300 Pocket Edition Review » Sony PRS-600 Touch Edition Review »

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